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State Guidance

Standards and Procedures Appendices

  • Standards and Procedures Handbook
    The Standards and Procedures Handbook has been developed to assist local organizations in the planning and implementation of high-quality 21st CCLC programs. The handbook addresses issues and considerations beyond federal and state requirements to ensure that afterschool programs effectively support student learning and development.
    (pdf, 789kb)
  • Glossary of Terms
    (pdf, 201kb)
  • Semi Annual Progress Report
    (pdf, 160kb)
  • Guide for Documentation
    (pdf, 121kb)
  • Consolidated Federal Data Collection CFDC Checklist
    (doc, 46kb)
  • Monitoring Instrument
    (doc, 134kb)
  • Federal Principles of Effectiveness
    (pdf, 67kb)
  • 60 Days Program Checklist
    (doc, 31kb)
  • Complaint Form
    (doc, 34kb)
  • Feeder School Teacher Survey
    (doc, 122kb)