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1 Engaging 21st Century Parents for the Transformation (pdf, 318kb)
3 Push & Pull Effects Contributing to Student Absenteeism (pdf, 500kb)
6 Catawba Co. Schools Early Literacy skills with STEM (pdf, 468kb)
7 Boys Only Book Club (pdf, 1.4mb)
8 Technology in Action (pdf, 268kb)
10 Making Sure the C is in your PLC (pdf, 5.7mb)
12 The Leader In Me (pdf, 1.5mb)
14 Science Rocks! - High School (pdf, 890kb)
15 Leveraging Leadership Through Collaborative Walkthroughs (pdf, 371kb)
16 Summer Reading Academy (pdf, 1.7mb)
17 Utilizing Modeling Instruction and Standards Based Grading (pdf, 22kb)
18 Leading Learning by Leading Change (pdf, 491kb)
19 School Transformation: The Little Engine That Could (pdf, 344kb)
20 Habitudes for the 21st Century and Beyond 
22 Rubric for Literacy Learning 
23 A New Lens on Literacy (pdf, 1.1mb)
25 InCOREprorating Social Studies and ELA 
26 School Wide Strategies to Promote Success on the ACT (pdf, 114kb)
27 RBT + HOTS = Differentiation Choices for All Students (pdf, 16.4mb)
28 Un Poquito Mas (pdf, 925kb)
30 Universal Screening at the Secondary Level (pdf, 2.8mb)
31 Ready, Set, Review for CCSS Mathematics (pdf, 954kb)
32 The Authentic Classroom Year 2.0 (pdf, 5.5mb)
33 South Central High Schools' Distributive Leadership Model (pdf, 2.1mb)
34 Pumping up Disadvantaged Students (pdf, 3.6mb)
41 Elementary Common Core Writing Planning (pdf, 1.1mb)
43 Differentiating Instruction Using Ipods (pdf, 4.0mb)
45 Using Common Core to Teach Social Justice and The Holocaust (pdf, 4.1mb)
49 The Reflective Classroom Using Formative Assessment (pdf, 1.4mb)
50 Tackling and Planning with the Common Core (pdf, 1.2mb)
52 Standards-aligned Instruction: Purposeful and Powerful (pdf, 163kb)
53 Culturally Responsive Education for African American Males (pdf, 1.6mb)
56 Understanding EOG and EOC Assessments (pdf, 663kb)
58 Power of the Pad (pdf, 633kb)
59 Global Awareness in K-12 Education 
61 Technology Tools to Support the Writing Process (pdf, 338kb)
65 The Color of Your Leadership (pdf, 1.3mb)
66 Distinguishing Language Acquisition From Learning Disability (pdf, 499kb)
67 Student Growth...Measuring it Accurately (pdf, 4.3mb)
69 Supporting Success - Hearne-Barton Partnership School (pdf, 1.9mb)
70 From Standards to Curriculum: ELA (pdf, 100kb)
71 Supporting the Statement: We all Learn in Different Ways (pdf, 11.0mb)
73 Rigorous Instruction - It's Brain Surgery (pdf, 3.6mb)
76 Think Like a Historian: Teaching with Primary Sources (pdf, 572kb)
80 Poverty, Proficiency and the Common Core State Standards (pdf, 1.6mb)
81 Understanding Language - Common Core and English Learners (pdf, 2.4mb)
82 Using Data to Accelerate Student Growth (pdf, 4.5mb)
83 Read to Achieve Its Not Just a 3RD Grade Law (pdf, 7.5mb)
84 Increasing Rigor Through Collaborative Conversation (pdf, 3.9mb)
85 Personalized Learning: the 21st Century Instructional Shift (pdf, 54kb)
87 Bridging Schools, Students, Parents and Community (pdf, 248kb)
90 Building The Bridge: Scaffolding Complex Text for Students 
92 High Expectations Yield High Student Growth (pdf, 3.1mb)
93 How to Start Your Latino Parent Academy (pdf, 3.7mb)
94 Amendment of School Discipline Law (pdf, 2.4mb)
95 10000 Ebooks, 4000 Magazines FREE (pdf, 327kb)
96 90 Minutes of Reading Instruction in a 3/4 Transition Class (pdf, 2.3mb)
97 Engaging HS Math Students in Valuable Activities Using Food (pdf, 764kb)
98 Tying it all Together: RTI, LAW and EC (pdf, 1.3mb)
99 Practical Guidelines to Increase Family Engagement (pdf, 323kb)
101 Linguafolio: A formative Assessment Tool Documenting Student Growth (pdf, 4.3mb)
104 Beyond the Benchmark Success on Common Core Assessments (pdf, 491kb)
105 Teacher Evaluation: Strengthening Rater Reliability (pdf, 401kb)
106 Leadership Lessons From the Wizard of Oz (pdf, 1.2mb)
107 So Much to Teach, So little Time: Help Me Home Base! (pdf, 196kb)
112 Transformation of Instructional Leaders (pdf, 332kb)
114 Grouping Students for Remediation and Acceleration 
115 Literacy for Life: 21st Century Learning Progression (pdf, 62kb)
116 Syllabication Instruction: The Solution to Decoding Problems (pdf, 432kb)
119 Thinking Instruction to Increase Student Achievement (pdf, 2.7mb)
120 It Takes A Village: A Model of Community Collaboration (pdf, 432kb)
121 Preparing Students for a World that We Know Little About (pdf, 25.5mb)
122 Myth Busters: Matching How we Teach with How Students Learn (pdf, 1.2mb)
123 Curriculum and Discipline: The Classroom Dance (pdf, 2.2mb)
F1 Supporting Powerful Teaching and Learning (pdf, 572kb)
F3 CTE Assignments that Impact Student Success (pdf, 1.6mb)
F8 It All Starts with the Core (pdf, 3.6mb)
F9 Empowering Teachers Through Data Literacy (pdf, 7.1mb)
F17 Leading in a Culture of Data-Driven Decisions 
F18 PBIS & RTI: Using PBIS to Promote Academic Success (pdf, 2.0mb)
F20 Providing Internal Motivation for African American Males (pdf, 5.9mb)
P Intelligent Tutor Systems Differentiate Math Lessons (pdf, 483kb)
EX1 Teaching that Sticks (pdf, 1.3mb)
EX2 The Grade Doctor (pdf, 2.6mb)
EX3 Teachers and TPACK: From Lessons to Activity 
H13 Classroom & Benchmark Assessment Administration in Home Base (via Schoolnet) (pdf, 1.3mb)
H16 Home Base and What it can do for You (pdf, 1.1mb)
H38 Hitting A Home Run (pdf, 1.2mb)
H63 Schoolnet Data and Reporting (pdf, 2.8mb)
H89 Increase Collaboration with Home Base (via OpenClass)