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Albaugh, DonnaEducation Consultant II - Region 4910.476.7218
Alford, VanessaSchool Transformation Coach910-527-2565
Ali, DeloresMarketing & Entrepreneurship Education919.807.3875
Allard, NormanBirth-Kindergarten Licensure, Early Literacy Centers, IDEA Applications/Amendments (619), Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities Apllications/Amendments, State Development (Preschool), Transition Birth-2 to 3-5 Preschool Programs919.807.3691
 Preschool Disabilities Consultant 
Amerson, LisaEducation Consultant II - Region 7704.439.6119
Anderson, AllisonData Collection and Reporting919.807.3644
Anderson, MarthaRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 4910.997.9797
Anderson, ShanitaInstructional Coach, ELA910.229.7386
Antolak, DianaSchool Transformation Coach910.978.0887
Arnold, TracyInstructional Coach, Math252-943-1898
Ashley, MelissaK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 7704.999.4621
Ashley, PatDirector919.807.4006
Askew, AbbeyRttT Consultant - Region 1919.807.3355
Auman, DanTest Measurement Specialist for English Language Arts (ELA)919.807.3780
Auton, SusanExecutive Assistant919.807.3435

Babineaux, KenInstructional Review Coach919.835.6112
Bagwell, CindyK-3 Assessment Project Administrator919.807.3710
Bailey, JanetInstructional Coach Science919.605.0198
Bailey, LynnDyslexia (Region 8), Literacy Implementation (Region 8), Literacy, Professional Development (Region 8)828.226.2820
Baker, ShannonCivil Rights/SP/Equity919.807.3872
Barbour, BettyProgram Assistant919.807.3784
Barbour, DavidT&I Education919.807.3885
Barbour, NancyAssistant Director919.835.6102
Barefoot, GlennSkillsUSA Advisor919.807.3887
Barfield, JenniferInstructional Coach910-619-1831
Batts, AngelPositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 2)919.252.1049
Batts, KellyInstructional Coach, Elementary910.616.9337
Beattie, ErikaK-3 Assessment Education Consultant, Region 6704.575.9275
Belcastro, RebeccaK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 5919.789.1036
Bell, Ed21st Century Learning Center919.807.3926
Berman Ishee, TamaraRegional Lead252.646.0777
Betsill Bain, AmyAdministrative Secretary919.807.3817
Blake-Lewis, AmyRttT Education Consultant II - Region 5704.960.6075
Blas, KelleyCECAS Data Manager, CECAS Technical Support, Child Count Data, EC Grants Technical Support, Inquisite Survey Technical Support919.807.4357
Braaten, EmmaTechnical Consultant919-835-6130
Breest, KellyannAdmin Assistant to Asst Director919.807.3299
Brewington, CarrieInstructional Coach, Science910-224-1707
Britt, LauraDyslexia (Region 4), Literacy Implementation (Region 4), Literacy, Professional Development (Region 4)910.506.9521
Brooks, HeatherBlindness (Region 6, 8), Braille (Region 6,8), Low Vision (Region 6,8), Partially Sighted (Region 6,8), Visual Impairments (Region 6,8)919.345.4066
Brooks, CatherineDistrict Transformation Coach, Halifax County919.691.1873
Broome, KarenRegional Educational Consultant (Region 7 and 8)336.667.6059
Brower, CynthiaOnline Module Coordinator252.402.9873
Brown, DonnaDirector (Federal Program Monitoring and Support)919.807.3957
Brown, FayeAccountability, Reporting, Analysis, Data Collection, Quality Control919.807.3803
Brown, SonjaNational Board Coordinator919.807.3358
Brown, ZanetaProgram Assistant919.807.3377
Brown, TammyInstructional Coach, Elementary704.841.1191
Bryant, DavidParent Liaison/Stakeholder Assessment Information919.807.3775
Bynum, TishAdministrative Secretary, State Board of Education Materials919.807.3971
Bynum Banks, ReneeBehavior Support (Region 3 and 5), Serious Emotional Disability (Region 3 & 5)919.807.3295

Callicutt, AnnSouthwest Region704.857.0099
Campany, KayInstructional Coach, Science828.963.3474
Campbell, JimmieInstructional Technology Coach919.835.6133
Cardenas, VirginiaSchool Transformation Coach919-523-2492
Carlock, AnnK-12 Social Studies919.807.3835
Carolan, NancySection Chief, Testing Policy and Operations919.807.4160
Carpenter, WendyInstructional Coach, Science336.575.2248
Carr, LaurieSchool Transformation Coach, Durham617-792-4072
Carroll, TanjaProgram Assistant919.807.3805
Carter, SayshaDistrict Transformation Coach, Hertford County252.339.9983
Carter, StephenProgram Assistant919.835.6127
Cartner, LarryDistrict Transformation Coach336-407-8325
Cash, JenniferRegion Educational Consultant (Region 5 and 6)704.687.8824
Casteen, KarlaK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 2910.284.0482
Champion, BrendaSchool Transformation Coach646-250-6106
Chase, Johanna21st Century Learning Centers919.807.3955
Clark, Jo BethSecondary Instructional Coach336-613-2932
Cleven, JodyRttT Contractor - Region 5919.807.3355
Cline, TerryRegional Lead252.455.0767
Cloninger, AngieDyslexia (Region 2), Literacy Implementation (Region 2), Literacy, Professional Development (Region 2)910.546.9121
Coker, ChuckDistrict Transformation Coach, Anson County314.608.3604
Cole, BernadetteProgram Assistant919.807.3847
Cole, FredaNCEES
Coleman, TinaSchool Transformation Coach910-827-4421
Colwell, BeverlyCareer and Technical Education Liaison, Community College Liaison, Course Coding High School, Differentiated Instruction, EC Secondary Education, Graduation/Exit Standards, Intellectual Disability (K-12), Occupational Course of Study), Testing Extend II - Occupational Course of Study, Transition Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Liaison919.807.3930
Cooke, CindyDyslexia (Region 1), Literacy Implementation (Region 1), Literacy Professional Development (Region 1)252.333.8885
Coon, JamesRegional Lead252.571.9540
Costello, NancyK-3 Assessment, Region 8808.778.6723
Cottingham, JaneEC Consultant - EC Delivery Team919.807.3226
Cox, ShirleyProgram Assistant919.807.3889
Crawford, PaulaEC Directors' Institute, Mid-South Resource Center, Staff Development (LEA), State Improvement Project (SIP), Summer Institutes919.807.3993
Crawford, WillDistrict Transformation Coach, Halifax County 540.661.9661
Credle, BethSchool Transformation Coach252.452.5118
Creech, FrankSchool Transformation Coach919.602.9637
Crouch, LindaProgram Assistant919.807.3927
Cuomo, Ana-MarieInstructional Coach, ELA919.971.0696
Curry, Elizabeth [Betsy]School Transformation Coach704.902.1776
Curtis, JenniferSection Chief (K-12 Mathematics)919.807.3838

Davis, DanSchool Transformation Coach, Secondary919-884-9043
Davis, JasonCTSO FFA919.513.0216
Davis, LauraSchool Transformation Coach919.770.9012
Davis, ValenciaFiscal Monitoring, Grants - IDEA VI-B, Silver Grant Consultant - Charter Schools, SOPs252.537.9435
Davis -Mills, TashaInstructional Review Coach919-835-6118
Debreaux, CynthiaRegional Education Consultant (Region 1 and 2)252.328.1519
Dewey, CynthiaK-3 Assessment Education Consultant, Region 5919.259.3950
Dorsey, WindyInstructional Coach, Elementary910.384.2506
Droessler, ChrisCareer Academies/HSTW/Postsecondary Partnerhships919.807.3891
Dunham, PhyllisTitle I/Federal Loan Forgiveness919.807.3915

Eades, Bobby [Keith]District Transformation Coach, Robeson252-455-0767
Early, PamDistrict Transformation Coach919.835.6122
Eaton, LucyInstructional Review Coach919.835.6119
Ebert, ChristieSection Chief (K-12 Program Areas)919.807.3856
Edney, WendyWest Region828.697.4932
Edwards, BethEducation Consultant II - Region 1252.916.6842
Eigenrauch, JenniferConsultant, Autism (Region 4,5)919.807.3855
Eller, TericiaOnline Facilitator
Ellerbe, JamesSchool Transformation Coach Team Lead919.835.6125
Ellington, ElaineTitle II Specialist919.807.3374
Elvey, BillGrievances (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Inquiries (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Parent Training, Parent/Professional Organizations & Association (Students with Disabilities), State Complaint Investigations919.807.4059
English, Sara J.Technical Consultant919-835-6121
Essick, EllenSection Chief919.807.3867
Evans, AnneK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 4704.690.3989

Farmer, JoanetteProgram Assistant, Troops to Teachers919.807.3376
Fasciano, HelgaSpecial Assistant to Global Education919.807.3864
Felton, CleonTitle Ismall Rural Schools Achievement Program919.807.3292
Fink, SharonInstructional Review Coach919.835.6116
Floyd, NakishaAbstinence Education Consultant919.807.3942
Flynn, KeithInstructional Coach, Elementary919.539.0797
Flynn, PerryConsultant, Speech -Language336.256.2005
Flythe, ReginaldDriver Education Consultant919.807.3485
Frazier, BillFiscal Monitoring and Compliance919.807.3585
Frazier, SusanInstructional Coach, Elementary252.450.9783
Freeman, JenniferSchool Transformation Coach910.374.6368
Frost, Anna6-12 English Language Arts919.807.3952
Fryer, AngeliaRttT Contractor - Region 6919.807.3355
Fulton, LynnSchool Transformation Coach910.617.1611

Gallagher, MikeTest Measurement Specialist for Mathematics919.807.3777
Gant, MonicaSchool Transformation Coach, Halifax614-296-3325
Garber, JulianeTechnical Consultant919-835-6129
Gardner, JoyceEducation Consultant - Region 8828.242.9872
Garland, RebeccaChief Academic Officer919.807.3305
Garner, IrisNational Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), TIMSS, PISA919.807.3768
Garner, JessicaEducation Consultant - Region 6704.268.9824
Garrett, CarlaTitle I PreschoolConsultant336.504.2037
Garvin, KhariDirector, Head Start State Collaboration Office919.807.3618
Gattis, KennethDropout Discipline Data/Alternative Learning Programs919.807.3940
Germano, DarleneK-3 Assessment Education Consultant, Region 3919.622.7350
Gianopulos, GarronPsychometrician, Math Test Development919.807.3956
Gibbs, ElizabethDyslexia (Region 6), Literacy Implementation (Region 6), Literacy, Professional Development (Region 6)919.606.0461
Gibbs-Roseboro, PortiaInstructional Coach, Math704.604.5500
Gillespie, JamieSchool Transformation Coach, Hertford608-628-1572
Godfrey, AmberRegion 1 Consultant252.562.0807
Goins, JudyK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 6704.561.1680
Goodgion, FeliciaBehavior Support (Region 7 and 8), Serious Emotional Disability (Region 7 & 8)828.775.0445
Goodman, DeborahRegion 2 Consultant252.632.0764
Gore, FaySection Chief (Social Studies)919.807.3954
Graham, DeborahInstructional Coach, Math704.582.3278
Graham, JamiK-3 Assessment Education Consultant, Region 4910.995.0517
Grammer, BobbieAnnual Performance Report, Class Size Waivers, Monitoring/LEAs/Charter Schools/State Operated & Supported Programs, Program Compliance Audits/LEAs/SOPs, Charter Schools, Focused Monitoring, Testing (Annual End-of-Course, End-of-Grade)919.807.3980
Gray-Watson, FeliciaSection Chief, Support Services919.807.3892
Greene, StephenDistrict Transformation Coach, Greene County919.624.1250
Gu, MayIT Support919.807.3587
Gunter, Ann MarieWorld Languages919.807.3865
Guthrie, CarolynDirector919.807.3762

Haag, KarenInstructional Coach, Elementary704.618.3222
Hagins, GlendoraMonitoring/LEAs/Charter Schools/State Operated & Supported Programs (Region 4 and 6), Non-Public Schools Liaison, Private School Program Approval, Program Compliance Audits/ LEAs/SOPs (Region 4 & 6)919.807.3296
Hakin, ClaireBlindness, Braille, Low Vision, Orientation & Mobility (statewide), Partially Sighted, Visual Impairments919.807.3966
Hall, DebraK-5 Science919.807.3814
Hammond, CarolynEC Specialist - State Performance Plan , Fiscal Monitoring252.728.2562
Hancock, GeorgeSchool Improvement Grants (SIG)/Priority Schools919.807.3911
Harris, AnitaComprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan919.807.3234
Harris, ChristyNortheast Region252.789.4908
Harris, GretaProgram Assistant919.807.3981
Harris, PamInstructional Coach, Elementary252.469.9393
Harris-Burke, FrancesRegional Lead703.217.8170
Harrison, BillDistrict Transformation Coach, Edgecombe919-218-7478
Hart, SusanProgram Assistant919.807.3846
Harvey, AliciaInstructional Coach, Literacy770.289.5837
Harvey, HowardSchool Transformation Coach404.272.2843
Hatch, JenniferInstructional Coach, Elementary910.538.4023
Hatlen, RogerInstructional Coach715-482-0587
Hayes, TerriMonitoring/LEAs/Charter Schools/State Operated & Supported Programs (Region 2 and 5)919.807.3977
 Program Compliance Audits/LEAs/SOPs (Region 2 and 5), State Operated Programs Liaison 
Haynes, KarenAdministrative Secretary (Educator Effectiveness)919.807.3914
Heavner, KristaAmerican Sign Language, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Deafness (Region 6,8), Hard of Hearing (Region 6,8), Language Facilitation919.215.6474
Henry, KathleenInstructional Coach910-322-1233
Herndon, ValerieBus Monitors (Transp. Safety Assistants) - LEAs, Child Find Project, Fiscal Monitoring, IDEA Applicaations/Admendments - LEAs (611, Sliver), Sliver Grants (Capacity Building and Improvement), State Eligibility Application (IDEA Grant), Title VI-B Project Funds (IDEA, Part 6, 611, 619, Sliver) (PRC 60, 29, 44) - LEAs, Charter Schools & SOPs, Transportation - LEAs (Children with Disabilities)919.807.3996
Herring, AngeliaProgram Assistant - EC Delivery Team919.807.3239
Herring, AshleyBusiness Analyst - EC Delivery Team919.807.3235
Hickman, MichaelRegional Lead Coordinator919.807.3848
Hill, DebbieTeacher Education Consultant919.807.3355
Hines, RobDirector, LEA Projects 919.807.3244
Holahan, LaurenMedicaid, Occupational Therapy919.428.7201
Holahan, ThomasCertification/Renewal/Prior Approval, Cooperative Planning Consortium (CPC), Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs), Licensure, NCSPI Math, Recruitment and Retention, Title II Audit919.807.3596
Holland, PeytonSkillsUSA Advisor919.807.3902
Holmes, GailEducator On Loan336.420.9481
Honeycutt, Jo AnneDirector (Career and Technical Education)919.807.3764
Honeycutt, MelanieRegion 7 Consultant919.606.7423
Horne, DrewWeb Content Manager919.807.3355
Horner, MarchelleCareer Development/ Workkeys/Work-based Learning919.807.3937
Hoskins, MattImplementation Science, Leadership Development, NCSIP Math919.807.3994
Howard, MichelleProgram Assistant919.807.3878
Howard, TammyDirector (Accountability Services)919.807.3787
Huber, LisaTitle I/Comparability Reporting919.807.3792
Hudgens, Carol AnnFacilitated IEPs & Facilitation Training, Grievances (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Inquiries (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Parent Training, Parent/Professional Organizations & Association (Students with Disabilities), State Compliant Investigations919.807.4024
Hudson, MelodyProgram Assistant919.807.3939
Hussey, WilliamDirector919.807.3969

Inman, Jami9-12 Science919.807.3607

Jablonski, AmyRtI/MTSS Consultant & State Transformation Specialist919.807.3857
James, Vivian619 Exceptional Children Preschool Coordinator919.218.8384
 Birth-Kindergarten Licensure, Family Information Network, Family Support Network, IDEA Applications/Amendments (619) - LEAs Charter Schools, & SOPs, Interagency Coordinating Council for Preschool Children with Disabilities and Their Families, Preschool Assessment Centers, Preschool Demonstration Program, Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities, Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities Applications/Amendments, Staff Development (Preschool), Transition Birth - 2 to 3-5 Preschool Programs 
Jarrett, MaryOffice Assistant919.807.3307
Jenkins, BurtHealth & Physical Education919.807.3637
Johns, MarilynProgram Assistant919.807.3929
Johnson, AntoniaProgram Director919.277.3771
Johnson, JanetCTSO Advisor FCCLA919.807.3845
Johnson, LynneDirector (Educator Effectiveness)919.807.3355
Johnson, Michael W.Quality Assurance Analyst - EC Delivery Team919.807.3382
Johnson, NancyAnnual Performance Plan, Data Analysis, Significant Disproportionality, State Performance Plan Consultant704.995.0389
Jones, JoanneSchool Transformation Coach252-642-3131
Jones, WandaInstructional Coach, Elementary919.606.1968
Jordan, ShannonNC Final Exams, ACT, WorkKeys, Plan, Explore; Field Test Calendar919.807.3778
Joslin, JulieTeam Lead (K-12 English Language Arts)919.807.3935

Kear, KathrynInstructional Coach, Literacy910.849.5416
Keel, MaryEducation Consultant II - Region 2252.393.3569
Kelley, StephenInstructional Management919.807.3880
Kenestrick, DonnaK-5 Science919.807.3863
Ketting, IlonaEC Delivery Team Region Trainer (Region 2 and 4)910.933.0624
Kidd, MinniePositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 1)252.338.1017
Kimrey, NeillDirector919.807.3270
King, JanRegional Lead828.606.0177
Kirkman, JohnSoutheast Region919.777.2727
Kitch, KennethSupplemental Educational Services (SES)/Textbooks/Section 504919.807.3830
Kitzke, PaulaMonitoring Consultant (Region 3,6 Charter Schools & PRTFs)919.807.3989
Klein, RickExecutive Assistant919.807.3761
Knox, JustynK-12 Social Studies919.807.3835
Koltz, KathleenAdministrative Assistant919.807-3943
Koon, JodyEarly Childhood Education Consultant919.807.3646
Kreider, ChristineInstructional Coach, Math919.593.3178
Kremer, KeithSchool Transformation Coach336.587.2608

LaGarde, JenniferEducator On Loan910.465.1287
Lake, IsaacProgram Director919.277.3773
Langill, PaulaAdministrative Secretary (Federal Program Monitoring and Support)919.807.3812
Lanier, ClaudiaK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 3252.883.9873
LaPorte, BrendaOffice Assistant919.807.3809
Lay, LindaBusiness, Finance & IT Education919.807.3883
Layman, RondaAutism (Region 1, 2, and 3), Deaf-Blind, Extend I Testing, Extended Content Standards, Multiple Disabilities919.807.4036
Lee, FredaRttT Project Coordinator919.807.3371
Legrand, TakedaFamily & Consumer Sciences919.807.3893
Lennon, LaTeshiaInstructional Coach, Elementary336.681.2267
Lewis, DamionInstructional Coach, ELA919-793-6592
Leykum, MichelleAutism (Region 1, 3, 5 and 7)919.807.3294
Linder, PetrinaAdministrative Assistant919.807.3987
Lindsay, AshleyNC Teacher Corps Program Director919.807.3356
Llewellyn McIntosh, LisaK-5 English Language Arts919.807.3895
Loeser, LynneAttention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders (ADD/ADHD), Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disabilities919.807.3985
Long, Rebecca KathyrnInstructional Coach, Literacy252.532.5997
Lounsbury, KarenK-3 Assessment Education, Region 7919.438.3993
Loveless, JoyceDirector919.277.3761
Lung, HopeSection Chief, Test Development919.807.3774
Lyons-Newkirk, GertrudeInstructional Coach, Math919.215.5751

Madison, ShayneInstructional Coach, Elementary336.624.1844
Mahomes, JoyceSchool Transformation Coach, Warren919-306-3668
Mainor, AnnProgram Assistant919.807.3355
Malcolm, JulieInstructional Coach Team Lead919.835.6106
Mann Thrower, IvannaESL/Title III919.807.3860
Mannan, MuhammadAnnual Performance Report, CECAS Liaison, Child Count (numbers, setting, ethnicity) (December & April), Data Requests, Disproportionality Report) Federal Reports, Research & Evaluation, State Reports, Statistical Reports)919.807.3997
Mapp, SlaterTheatre Arts & Visual Arts Education919.807.3758
March, KendraSchool Transformation Coach704-607-7728
Marcus, TinaProject Manager, STEM Education and Leadership919.807.3423
Marks, RebeccaBlindness (Region 1, 2), Braille (Region 1, 2), Low Vision (Region 1, 2), Partially Sighted (Region 1, 2), Visual Impairments (Region 1, 2)252.646.4540
Marshall, PaulRttT Contractor - Region 5919.807.3355
Martin, CynthiaRttT Consultant - Region 3919.807.3355
Massengill, MarieCharter School Liasion, Monitoring/LEAs/Charter Schools (Region 1 & 7), Program Compliance Audits/LEA/Charter Schools (Region 1 & 7)919.807.3763
Masyada, StephenK-12 Social Studies919.807.3937
Mathews, CathyRegion 6 Consultant704.269.8386
Maynor, Johannah9-12 Mathematics919.807.3842
McBride, NadinePsychometrician, ELA, SBAC, Test Development919.807.3807
McBroom, RachelEducation Consultant II - Region 4910.978.0704
McCamish, CaycePositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 5)336.516.0307
McCoy, DreamaSection Chief919.807.3920
McCoy, RobinDirector (K-12 Curriculum & Instruction)919.807.3817
McDaniel, FayeTitle I/Neglected and Delinquent Programs919.807.3647
McKenize, DeProgram Director919.277.3776
McKinney, SusanAdminstrative Assistant919.807.3828
McKnight, GregoryEducation Consultant II - Region 3919.529.4125
McLaughlin, MichelleK-12 Social Studies919.807.3924
McLean, AlisaSchool Transformation Coach919.621.0145
McLeod, AmeliaSchool Transformation Coach919.291.5664
McNeal, BillDistrict Transformation Coach , Durham Public Schools919.740.2287
McNeil-Horton, KarolRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 6980.343.3866
McNeill, LaTonyaInstructional Coach, ELA910.583.8056
McWain-Ferguson, TokithaInstructional Coach, Math910.670.6999
McWhirter, KimberliK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 8828.338.9039
Medlin, LucyAdministrative Assistant (Accountability Services)919.807.3771
Meiggs, DianneEducation Consultant II - Region 1252.340.0113
Melton, DanaInstructional Coach, Literacy252-413-9284
Merithew, JeffInstructional Coach, Math991-604-1981
Mertz, MaryRttT Consultant - Region 3919.807.3355
Metcalf, Elizabeth [Beth]Instructional Coach, Elementary910.619.3120
Michael, TreySpecial Assistant919.807.3877
Midgett, ManleyInstructional Review Coach919.835.6117
Miller, DonnaRttT Project Coordinator919-835-6104
Mills, DavidAdministrative Assistant919.807.3455
Minard, ChrisAllied Health Consultant919.807.3858
Mingo, AdrianeEducation Consultant - Region 6919.807.3355
Molique, JulieOnline Testing919.807.3428
Montanari, AlessandroProgram Administrator919.835.6108
Moore, AgnesHealth Occupations/Nurse Aide919.807.3907
Moore, SharonAmerican Sign Language, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Deafness (Region 3, 5), Hard of Hearing (Region 3, 5), Hearing Impairment (Region 3,5) Language Facilitation336.324.1229
Moore, SylviaAdministrative Assistant (Federal Program Monitoring and Support)919.807.4009
Moran, JohnInstructional Coach Team Lead919.835.6131
Morris, LemikaProgram Assistant919.807.3897
Morrow, DonnaOnline Module Coordinator919.807.3355
Morrow, JulieSchool Transformation Coach704.682.8440
Moye, BrianTechnology Engineering & Design Education919.807.3886
Mubenga, PascalSchool Transformation Coach252.876.5098
Muhammad, RhondaTitle I/Rural Low-Income Schools919.807.3960
Mullins, HeatherEducation Consultant - Region 7828.244.8759
Myers, OuidaRegion 5 Consultant919.807.3271

Nail, DianaInstructional Coach, Literacy919.749.4882
Neal, MicheleAmerican Sign Language, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Deafness (Region 5, 7), Hard of Hearing (Region 5, 7), Hearing Impairment (Region 5, 7) Language Facilitation, Visual Phonics336.497.6456
Newkirk, ErikaRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 3919.560.3962
Nicholson, JoyceProgram Assistant919.835.6105
Norris, VickieDyslexia (Region 5 & 7), Literacy Implementation (Region 5 & 7), Literacy Professional Development (Region 5 & 7)828.773.0766
Northrup, JenniferRegion 8 Consultant828.214.5110

O'Brien, PamDECA Advisor919.807.3874
O'Farrow-Boulware, KhalilahEC Delivery Team Region Trainer (Region 6 and 8)704.532.7881
Osburn, AnnSchool Transformation Coach919-619-2515
O'Sullivan, BarbaraAdministrative Secretary919-835-6101

Paden, MelanySchool Transformation Coach, Halifax919-637-3783
Palacios, Jose LuisEducation Advisor, Spanish Embassy919.807.3913
Palmer-Gwaltney, JessicaInstructional Coach, Halifax919-818-8849
Parker, CeliaProgram Assistant919.807.3931
Parker, KathyLibrary Media Consultant919.807.3267
Parker, QuentinEC Delivery Team CIO919.807.3215
Parker, TeresaProgram Assistant919.807.3837
Patterson, BrandonAssistant Director919.807.3959
Patterson, TaraRttT Consultant - Region 2919.807.3355
Payne, DeLeaOnline Module Coordinator336.262.1020
Pearson, Jami-JonPsychometrician, Science, NCEXTEND1, Test Development919.807.3559
Pearson, RebeccaEducation Consultant - Region 8919.807.3355
Pendergraft, CraigT & I Education919.807.3881
Perry, TheresaNC Teacher Corps Executive Director919.807.3427
Pettaway, DywandaProgram Assistant919.807.3297
Phelps, JenniferPositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 7)464.1257 x605
Phelps-Hodges, MetaDistrict Transformation Coach, Washington County252.714.5719
Phillips, LisaHomeless Education336.315.7491
Pickett, ChandaAdministrative Assistant (Career and Technical Education)919.807.3818
Pierce, LisaInstructional Coach, Science828.489.9675
Powers, RickImplementation Science, Leadership Development, NCSIP Math336.977.3334
Preston, JenniferRttT Project Coordinator919.807.4187
Prickett, Deborah21st Community Learning Centers919.807.3949
Pruette, JohnExecutive Director919.807.3946
Pugh, ShirleyProgram Assistant919-835-6103

Quinlan, AubreyAmerican Sign Language, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Deafness (Region 7,8), Hard of Hearing (Region 7,8), Hearing Impairment (Region 7,8), Language Facilitation704.500.3167

Rachis, StefanieEOG, NCEXTEND2, EOG Testing Policy; BOG3 Testing Policy919.807.3802
Ragin, RachaelAmerican Sign Language, Audiology, Deafness (Region 1, 2, 4), Hard of Hearing (Region 1, 2, 4), Hearing Impairment (Region 1, 2, 4), Interpreters in Education, Transliterators in Education919.324.3890
Randolph, LorieCECAS Technical Support, EC Conference Technical Support, EC Grants Technical Support, Lyris List Administrator919.807.4357
Ray, LaurieAdaptive Physical Education, Medicaid, Physical Therapy919.636.1827
Reynolds, HeatherPositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Statewide)919.807.3313
Rhodes, HenryRttT Contractor - Region 8919.807.3355
Rice, LaKishaSchool Transformation Coach919.801.3863
Ricks, JenniferInstructional Coach, Social Studies910.934.0444
Riddle, TracyCommunity Residential Programs, Course Coding High School, Developmental Day Programs, Group/Foster Homes, Out-of-Region Placements, Risk Pool Funding, Special State Reserve Funding919.807.3995
Rigsbee, CindiRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 5919.245.4050
Rinehart, SonyaRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 1252.482.8426
Roberson, CamillaGovernor's School919.807.3986
Roberts, CarolynInstructional Coach, Elementary757.880.0772
Robinson, MicheleInstructional Coach, Elementary919.454.8942
Rodriguez, AngieImplementation Science, NCSIP Literacy and Math (Region 5), Strategic Planning (Region 5)336.727.2083
Ruiz, JanAdministrative Assistant919.807.3946
Rumley, MarkDistrict Transformation Coach, Northampton County336.213.3911
Rusher, DanaAutism (Region 2, 4, 6 and 8)704.687.8826
Russell, MaryEducation Consultant II - Region 3919.606.7931
Rutherford, KittyK-5 Mathematics919.807.3841
Ryan, AnnastasiaInstructional Coach703-608-1463

Sample, DeniseBlindness (Region 3, 4), Braille (Region 3, 4), Low Vision (Region 3,4), Partially Sighted (Region 3,4)919.807.3967
Sanders, MelindaProgram Assistant919.807.3925
Sartain, CynthiaRegion 3 Consultant919.807.1061
Schulz, DeniseK-2 Mathematics919.807.3839
Scrinzi, AmyK-3 Assessment Project Lead919.807.3854
Scriven, BarbaraRegional Educational Consultant (Region 3 and 4)910.703.8350
Seehorn, DeborahBusiness, Finance, & IT Education919.807.3871
Segalla, Lee AnnCoach
Sellers, ShannonLEA Testing Coordinator for Charter Schools919.807.3806
Sellers, SusanSchool Transformation Coach910-271-5931
Shah-Coltrane, SnehaDirector, Academically/Intellectually Gifted, K-12919.807.3849
Shepherd, MonicaRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 7336.667.1121
Shive, PamelaInstructional Coach. ELA336.266.2588
Short, CarolSection Chief, Curriculum919.807.3822
Shropshire, KimInstructional Coach, ELA704.957.5522
Siemek, KristinProgram Assistant919.807.3355
Silver, SusanInstructional Review Coach Team Lead919.835.6114
Simmons, JerrySchool Transformation Coach252.326.9208
Simmons, JoeBehavior Support , Behavioral Interventions, Discipline, Expulsions, Interagency Agreements, Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, Serious Emotional Disability, Suspensions919.807.3298
Simmons, KimberlyEducation Plan and Development Consultant919.807.3355
Simmons, LeslieK-3 Assessment Education Consultant, Region 2910.228.6420
Sims, JenniferEC Delivery Team Region Trainer (Region 1, 3 and SOP)252.257.1195
Smith, DanielSection Chief, Certification919.807.3816
Smith, KelliInstructional Coach, Elementary919-740-5135
Smith, PatEC Delivery Team Region Trainer (Regions 5 and 7)919.345.5826
Smith, RobinRegional Lead336.802.6824
Snead, ShelbyRtI Program Assistant919.807.3934
Snyder, DottieDeaf-Blind, Deaf-Blind Census919.807.3888
Soni, GeetanjaliOnline Module Coordinator919.272.2664
Sonneman, CurtisData Quality Control, Alternative Schools919.807.3612
Sox, RobertProfessional Development Consultant919.807.3348
Spain, Ragan9-12 Science919.807.3950
Sparlin, DanNC Wise Owl/Copyright Specialist/Consultant828.675.8020
Spielman, JeremyInstructional Coach, Elementary910.238.6960
Spruill, VernittaProgram Assistant919.277.3760
Squibb, KathleenTSA Advisor910.592.0389
Stanley, ChristySecondary Instructional Coach910-620-0374
Steed, DeannaProgram Assistant919.807.3999
Stevens, WendyOffice Assistant919.807.3984
Stewart, ChrisProgram Assistant919.807.3869
Stewart, HeatherEducation Consultant II - Region 4919.807.3355
Stewart, YvetteAssistant Director (Educator Effectiveness)919.807.3375
Stone, EllenProgram Assistant919.835.6124
Stroud, JamieInstructional Coach252-532-7196
Summey, TedCentral Region336.721.2131
Sumner, KarenRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 8828.418.0011
Swiger, BrianTest Production, Shipping, Answer Sheets, Test Coordinator Publications; OTISS919.807.3804

Taggart, DougTroops to Teachers Coordinator919.807.3346
Taranto, MichaelInstructional Coach, Elementary919.244.3428
Taylor, AltheaDistrict Transformation Coach, Weldon City Schools919.412.0209
Taylor, LisaBehavior Support (Region 1 and 2), Serious Emotional Disability (Region 1 & 2)919.705.6027
Taylor, NolaSchool Transformation Coach336.615.0231
Taylor, VercilyaInstructional Coach, Elementary252-292-2995
Tedescucci, RichardPositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 4)919.807.3540
Terrell, TerriOffice Assistant919.807.3983
Tessini, LoretoConsolidated Federal Data Collection and Reporting919.807.3961
Tetreault, DanielK-3 Assessment Project Lead919.807.3852
Thomas, Mary JaneCTSO Advisor FBLA919.807.3873
Thomas, SherryAssistant Director, CEIS Funding, Contract Information, Fiscal Monitoring, IDEA Fiscal Monitoring, Maintenance of Fiscal Effort, State Aid Exceptinal Children Fund919.807.3992
Thompkins, KrystalInstructional Coach Team Lead919.835.6126
Thompson, JoanHealth Occupations Education919.807.3901
Thompson, KayRegional Education Facilitators (REFs) Region 2910.754.9593
Tipton, Benita6-8 Science919.807.3933
Tobey, MartyNorthwest Region336.475.0184
Tomberlin, TomDirector, LEA HR Support919.807.3440
Trantham, RichardProgram Assistant919.807.3964
Trez, NadjaESL/Title III919.807.3866
Trull, JordanInstructional Coach, Science919-830-0999
Tubilleja, WilliamBlindness, Braille, Low Vision (statewide), Partially Sighted, Visual Impairments919.807.3951
Tucker, CrystalAdministative Assistant (Educator Effectiveness)919.807.3372

Vacant, VacantOffice Assistant919.807.4060
 Program Assistant 
 Project Manager 
 Testing (Annual, End-of-Course, End-of-Grade), Visual Impairments (Region 3,4) 
Vacant, 6-8 Mathematics919.807.3909
 9-12 English Language Arts 
vacant, Agricultural Education (NCSU)919.513.1205
Vacant, Alternate Assessment (NCEXTEND1) Policy; Accommodations; Students with Disabilities; ESL919.807.3781
 AMAO's Title III, Accountability, Reporting 
 Assistive Technology, Augmentative Communication (statewide), Blindness, Braille, Learning Ally, Low Vision, Partially Sighted, Textbooks for Children with Visual Impairments 
 Behavioral Support (Region 4 and 6), Serious Emotional Disability (Region 4 & 6) 
 Blindness (Region 5,7), Braille (Region 5,7), Low Vision (Region 5.7), Partially Sighted (Region 5,7), Visual Impairments (Region 5,7) 
vacant, Business, Finance, & IT Education919.807.4014
Vacant, Chief Health and Community Relations Officer919.807.4068
 Consultant, Speech Psychology 
 Council on Educational Services for Exceptional Children, Grievances (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Inquiries (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Mediatin, Parent Training, Parent/Professional Organizations & Association (Students with Disabilities), State Complaint Investigations 
vacant, CTSO Advisor HOSA919.807.3900
 Deputy Chief Academic Officer 
Vacant, Due Process Hearings & Appeals, Grievances (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Inquiries (Parents) (Students with Disabilities), Parent Professional Partnerships, Parent Training, Parent/Professional Organizations & Association, State Complaint Investigations, Surrogate Parents919.807.3978
 Education Consultant II - Region 2 
 ESL/Title III 
 Monitoring/LEAs/Charter Schools/State Operated & Supported Programs (Region 3 and 8), Preschool Liaison, Program Compliance Audits/LEAs/SOPs (Region 3 and 8) 
 Professional Development Consultant 
 Program Assistant 
 RttT Contractor - Region 7 
 RttT Project Coordinator 
 Strategic Panning Consultant 
 T&I Education 
 Teacher Education Consultant 
 Test and Measurement Analyst: Field Test and Special Study Sampling; Data Analyses and Quality Control 
 Test Measurement Specialist for Science 
 Title I/Distinguished Schools 
 Title I/New Directors 
Valentine, CarolineInstructional Coach, Science919.744.4011
Vance, BeverlySection Chief (K-12 Science)919.807.3936
Ventura, RobinInstructional Coach, Elementary 252.947.0951
Vernelson, SherriAmerican Sign Language, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Deafness (Region 1, 2, 3), Hard of Hearing (Region 1, 2, 3), Hearing Impairment (Region 1, 2, 3), Language Facilitation919.599.0218
Viana, JoseMigrant Identification and Recruitment919.807.4069

Walbert, DavidOnline Module Coordinator919.308.8427
Warren, MyishaSchool Transformation Coach, Anson404-819-1620
Watkins, CorreyPositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 3)252.257.3184
Watkins, HerschelleSchool Transformation Coach, 336-402-5418
Weatherman, JuliePositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 8)828.682.6101
Webb, VickiInstructional Coach,Science828-724-9697
Welfare, RhondaSenior Analyst919.807.3876
Whitaker, AllisonTitle I/Parent Involvement919.807.3962
Whiteman, BrendaA+ Arts Education Specialist919.807.3820
Whitford, AbbeyK-3 Literacy Consultant, Region 1252.229.3138
Whittington, WynnSchool Transformation Coach252.523.1109
Wilkerson, ReginaldInstructional Review Coach919.835.6115
Willard, SavonProfessional Development Consultant336.285.5299
Williams, Beth AnnWeb Content Manager919.278.8513
Williams, DeboraSpecial Assistant for Graduation & Dropout Prevention Initiatives919.807.3912
Williams, SherryFamily & Consumer Sciences/Early Childhood Education919.807.3904
Williams, SonjaMigrant Education Program919.807.3958
Williams, VanessaProgram Assistant919.807.3360
Wilson, JohnnyData Analyst, SAT, AP, State Assessment Reporting, DMG919.807.3783
Wilson, JulianRegion 4 Consultant910.740.4429
Wilson, LorettaAdministrative Assistant II (Accountability Services)919.807.3811
Winter, LauraPositive Behavior Intervention and Support (Region 6)919.302.9334
Winton, TomAnnual Testing, End-of-Course Testing, English as a Second Language (ESL), Nurses (School), Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment), Testing (Annual, End-of-Course, End-of-Grade)919.807.3982
Witherow, ToniInstructional Coach, Math910.527.5171
Wohlfeld, KellyInstructional Coach, Elementary919-395-6343
Wolfe, IraAdministrative Reviews, Attorney General Opinion/Contact, Audits (Single), Charter Schools - Compliance, Complaints (Parents), Council on Educational Services for Exceptional Children, Federal Regulations, Homebound (Students with Disabilities), Hospital/Hombound (Students with Disabilities), Legal Issues, Office of Civil Rights, Office of Special Education, Policies Governing Services for Children With Disabilities, Policy Interpretations, Program Compliance Audits/LEAs/Charter Schools/SOPs, Questions and Answers on Policies for Exceptinal Children, Regional Consultants/Liaison, Regulations Governing Services for Exceptional Children, Surrogate Parents, Suspension919.807.3976
Woodall, CatherineK-3 Assessment Education Consultant, Region 1919.818.5391
Wooten, WendyEOC, NCEXTEND2 EOC Testing Policy; HS Fliexible Testing Waiver; Graduation project; Medical Exceptions919.807.3801
Worrill, CindyFinance & Data Assistant (Career and Technical Education)919.807.3905
Wright, JaneInstructional Coach, Science919.618.8318

Yates, KimberlySchool Transformation Coach276-732-2729
Younce, LisaSchool Transformation Coach828-421-1691