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A listing by staff members in the Accountability Services Division

Auman, Dan Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Test Measurement Specialist for ELA, EOG, and EOC Assessments 919.807.3780
Barbour, Betty Administrative Assistant Administrative Support for Test Development 919.807.3784
Barbour, Kenneth IT Manager Accountability Services Technology Support 919.807.3790
Bridges, Michelle Computing Consultant Western (RCC 1) 828.488.5993
Brown, Faye Educational Research/Evaluation Consultant Accountability, Reporting, Analysis, Data Requests, Data Collection
Bryant, David Parent/Consumer Testing Information Consultant Counseling/Responsive Services for Testing and Accountability (Testing Questions/Concerns) 919.807.3775
Cannon, Amy Computing Consultant Central (RCC 6) 336.229.2018
Carolan, Nancy Section Chief Testing Policy & Operations 919.807.4160
Carroll, Tanja Program Assistant Routing requests, calls,  messages, distributing mailings, requests for general information about the ABCs
Collins, Barbara Regional Accountability Coordinator Central (RAC 6) 336.229.2017
Craig, David Regional Accountability Coordinator Northwest (RAC 2) 336.667.7775
Davis, Paul Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant LEA Testing Coordinator for Charter Schools 919.807.3806
Frye, Scott Regional Accountability Coordinator Southwest (RAC 3) 910.997.9825
Vacant Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Test Measurement Specialist for Mathematics EOG and EOC Assessments 919.807.3777
Vacant Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 919.807.3768
Gianopulos, Garron Psychometrician Technical Development of Statewide Assessments, Design and Implementation of Tests 919.807.3956
Vacant Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Policies related to testing students with special needs (e.g. students with disabilities) 919.807.3781
Hobbs, Amanda Regional Accountability Coordinator Southeast (RAC 5) 910.346.2906
Hoeve, Karen Section Chief Analysis & Reporting
Vacant Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Title III AMAOs; Accommodations Discrepancy Reporting
Howard, Tammy Director of Accountability Operations Accountability Services 919.807.3787
Hucks, Scott Computing Consultant Northeast (RCC 4) 252.641.2614
Hudson, Marion (Butch) Regional Accountability Coordinator Northeast (RAC 4) 252.641.2614
Jordan, Shannon Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant NC Final Exams, ACT Testing 919.807.3778
Karkee, Thakur Psychometrician Technical Development of Statewide Assessments, Design and Implementation of Tests 919.807.3807
Kelley, Jaime Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant EOG, NCEXTEND2, BOG3 Testing Policy 919.807.3802
Laws, Betty Computing Consultant Southwest (RCC 2) 336.667.7241
Lung, Hope Section Chief Test Development 919.807.3774
Mbella, Kinge Psychometrician Test Development, ELA, SBAC 919.807.3807
McKee, Deborah Computing Consultant Southwest (RCC 3) 910.997.9824
Medlin, Lucy Administrative Assistant General administrative support and office management 919.807.3771
Molique, Julie Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Online Testing 919.807.3428
Pamulaparthy, Swetha Developer/Programmer Accountability Services Technology Support 919.807.3365
Payne, Jeff Regional Accountability Coordinator Western (RAC 1) 828.488.5993
Pearson, Jami-Jon Psychometrician Technical Development of statewide assessments 919.807.3559
Sheffield, Wayne (Chip) Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Test Measurement Specialist for Science EOG and EOC Assessments 919.807.3783
Skelton, Kevin IT Analyst Accountability Services Technology Support 919.807.3417
Sonneman, Curtis Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Data Requests
Stokes, Joshua Computing Consultant Southeast (RCC 5) 910.346.2906
Stubblefield, George IT Specialist Accountability Services Technology Support 919.807.3779
Swiger, Brian Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant Test Production and Operations, OTISS 919.807.3804
Vu, Alex Developer/Programmer Accountability Services Technology Support 919.807.3281
Wilson, Loretta Administrative Assistant II Budget and contracts manager for division and regional accountability offices 919.807.3811
Wooten, Wendy Educational Testing/Accountability Consultant EOC, NCEXTEND2 EOC Testing Policy; High School Flexible Testing Waiver; Graduation Project; Medical Exceptions 919.807.3801


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