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Testing Students with Disabilities

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Testing Accommodations
Policies, procedures, and resources for testing accommodations available to eligible students in the North Carolina Testing Program.


2014 Testing Students with Disabilities: North Carolina Testing Program (pdf, 1.3mb)
Publication containing policies and procedures for testing students with disabilities (September 2014)


Understanding the Individual Student Report Documents (UISRs)
A web page containing all of the UISRs for the North Carolina testing program including alternate assessments.


Districtwide Assessments (pdf, 230kb)
Letter from Elsie Leak and Lou Fabrizio regarding districtwide assessments and the requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to include all students with disabilities


North Carolina Testing Program Assessment Options
Information on the standard test administration and alternate assessment options available and their eligibility criteria




Students with Transitory Impairments and Section 504 (pdf, 16kb)
Information on students identified with a transitory impairment (i.e., not Section 504-eligible)




NCEXTEND1 Assessment Information


College and Career Readiness Alternate Assessment Brief (pdf, 105kb)
Information on the College and Career




Testing Accommodations Update (ppt, 1mb)
PowerPoint presented at the Conference on Exceptional Children (November 2011)


Accommodations: Decide, Document, Monitor (ppt, 2mb)
PowerPoint presented at the Conference on Exceptional Children (November 2010)


NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment with Alternate Achievement Standards (pdf, 219kb)
PowerPoint presented at the Conference on Exceptional Children (November 2008)


Testing Accommodations: North Carolina Testing Program (ppt, 512kb)
PowerPoint presented at the Conference on Exceptional Children (November 2008)


Testing Accommodations: What are They and How Are They Implemented? (pps, 450kb)
PowerPoint presented at the Accountability Conference (February 2006)




NCDPI Exceptional Children Division
Information on policies and procedures regarding the instruction of students with disabilities


Testing Students with Disabilities Archives
Archived documents related to the testing of students with disabilities