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North Carolina Test Coordinators’ Policies and Procedures Handbook (pdf, 0kb)
The purpose of the North Carolina Test Coordinators’ Handbook is to provide district and school test coordinators with a reference for implementing proper test administrations for the North Carolina Testing Program.


The Proctor's Guide (pdf, 524kb)   LAST UPDATED: JULY 18, 2018
The Proctor's Guide outlines the responsibilities of proctors and what they are permitted to do during a test administration.


Testing Accommodations
Policies, procedures, and resources for testing accommodations available to eligible students in the North Carolina Testing Program.




Testing Security
North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics, Testing Security Protocol and Procedures for North Carolina School Personnel publication, and the Proctor's Guide


Assessment Briefs
Test-related issues and/or policies concerning the North Carolina Testing Program

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
State and national results on the Nation's Report Card; NAEP overview; NAEP released items; and other NAEP resources

Testing Policy and Operations Staff Directory