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NCEXTEND1 Released Forms


Released Form (Includes Items from the Assessor Booklet, Manipulative Cards, and Reading Selections for ELA/Reading Tests)
NCEXTEND1 Math I Assessment - Grade 10 (pdf, 1.7mb)
NCEXTEND1 Biology Assessment - Grade 10 (pdf, 1.7mb)
NCEXTEND1 Mathematics Assessment - Grades 3-5 (pdf, 954kb)
NCEXTEND1 Mathematics Assessment - Grades 6-8 (pdf, 1mb)
NCEXTEND1 Science Assessment - Grade 5 (pdf, 1mb)
NCEXTEND1 Science Assessment - Grade 8 (pdf, 1mb)
NCEXTEND1 ELA/Reading - Grade 4 (pdf, 3mb)
NCEXTEND1 ELA/Reading - Grade 7 (pdf, 1.8mb)
NCEXTEND1 ELA/reading - Grade 10 (pdf, 1.4mb)



NCEXTEND1 Glossary and Graphics

  • Glossary:  NCDPI has provided the 150 Most Frequent Words for Beginning Writers document as a glossary for the independent reading portion of the NCEXTEND 1 Language Arts/Reading grade 3-8, and 10 assessments. The frequently used words are intended to be taught with flexibility of use and to increase sentence structure across the grades. Therefore, students should learn words throughout a variety of contexts. This document is not intended to limit the words students can read and write in a classroom setting but to provide familiar words for assessment purposes.

  • Graphics: The manipulatives are nearly 100% standardized on the 2012-13 NCEXTEND1 assessments. This means that almost all graphics in each answer option is the same across concepts (i.e., if a graphic of a lake is used for an item in science and language arts, it will be the same lake graphic).


NCEXTEND1 Eligibility Criteria (pdf, 163kb)
Guidelines for participation in the NCEXTEND1 Alternate Assessment based on alternate achievement standards





2010-2011 NCEXTEND1 Audit Report (pdf, 177kb)
This report documents the entire NCEXTEND1 audit process and includes a discussion of the findings.


North Carolina Testing Program Assessment Options
Information on the standard test administration and alternate assessment options available and their eligibility criteria


Understanding the Individual Student Report Documents (UISRs)
A Web page containing all of the UISRs for the North Carolina Testing Program.




No presentations are available at this time.





Final Regulations
Final Regulations from the U.S. Department of Education on alternate acheivement standards for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities (December 2003)





Testing Students with Disabilities
Information on policies regarding the assessment of students with disabilities


NCDPI Exceptional Children Division
Information on policies and procedures regarding the instruction of students with disabilities