The ABCs Plus

North Carolina's Strategic Plan for Excellent Schools

Mission: North Carolina's public schools will create a system that will be customer driven with local flexibility to achieve mastery of core skills with high levels of accountability in areas of student achievement.

North Carolina State Board of Education, April 10, 1996


Strategic Priority 1:
High Student Performance
Strategic Goals

1.1 Every child ready for school:

  • Developmental criteria for the child ready for school
  • Assessment of readiness for school
  • Relevant criteria for schools ready for the child
  • Promotion of the criteria for early childhood and school readiness

1.2 Rigorous and relevant academic standards and assessment systems for every student

1.3 Every student masters essential knowledge and skills

1.4 Every student graduates from high school

1.5 Every student a life long learner and ready for work


Strategic Priority 2:
Healthy Students in Safe, Orderly, and Caring Schools
Strategic Goals

2.1 Learning environments inviting and supportive of high student performance

2.2 Schools free of controlled and illegal substances and all harmful behavior

2.3 Mutual respect of students, teachers, administrators, and parents

2.4 Adequate, safe education facilities that support high student performance


Strategic Priority 3:
Quality Teachers, Administrators, and Staff
Strategic Goals

3.1 Professional preparation aligned with state priorities

3.2 A system to develop, train, and license a BK (birth-kindergarten) professional staff for public schools

3.3 A system to recruit, retain, and compensate a diverse corps of quality teachers, administrators, and staff

3.4 A system to ensure high performance of teachers, administrators, and staff

3.5 A system of continuous learning and professional development to support high performance of all employees

3.6 High ethical and professional standards for all employees


Strategic Priority 4:
Strong Family, Community, and Business Support
Strategic Goals

4.1 State education priorities responsive to the needs of the family, community, and business customers

4.2 A comprehensive and aligned system of support for the academic success and general well-being of all children that promotes:

Meaningful involvement in schools

Interagency collaboration for health, nutrition, and social services

State and local partnerships

4.3 A system to build the capacity of local districts to create, respond to, and sustain meaningful partnerships


Strategic Priority 5:
Effective and Efficient Operation
Strategic Goals

5.1 Components of the education system aligned to achieve high performance

5.2 Decision making authority and control at the most appropriate level closest to the classroom

5.3 Information and accountability systems capable of reporting strategic and operational results

5.4 A funding system that provides adequate and aligned financial and personnel resources to maximize educational achievement

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