1997 State Report Card

Cover and Introduction(43KB)

State and Local Reporting Requirements

Section 1(455KB)

Student Performance--Elementary and Middle Schools

  • State Summary, School System and Individual School Performance

Section 2(1.5MB)

Student Performance--Elementary and Middle Schools

  • State and School System Performance by Achievement Level and Subject (by Ethnic and Gender Groups)

Section 3(318KB)

Student Performance--High Schools

  • Percent of Students at or Above Level III in Core High School Subjects
  • Scholastic Assessment of Test Results and Percent Tested

Section 4(320KB)

Supplemental Data--State and School Systems

  • Academically Gifted Students
  • Attendance
  • Ethnic and Gender Groups
  • Local Average Teacher Supplement
  • Local Per Student Expenditure
  • Percent of Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Student Membership
  • Students With Disabilities

Section 5 (30KB)

Explanatory No