Note: This web page is only an archive. This assessment is no longer administered effective with the 2011-12 school year.

North Carolina is exploring the use of the ADP Algebra II exam. During the exploratory stage, students enrolled in Algebra II are still required to take the North Carolina end-of-course assessment. In spring 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 we had a sample of students take the assessment.

North Carolina has joined the partnership to create the American Diploma Project (ADP) Algebra II End-of-Course Exam. The ADP Algebra II End-of -Course Exam is an initiative of the American Diploma Project (ADP) Network, which includes 32 states dedicated to making sure every high school graduate is prepared for college or work. Together, network members are responsible for educating approximately 75% of all US public school students.

In each state, governors, state superintendents of education, business executives, and college and university leaders are working to restore value to the high school diploma by raising the rigor of the high school standards, assessments and curriculum and better aligning these expectations with the demands of postsecondary education and work. The ADP Network was formed by Achieve, Inc. who developed the standards for the Algebra II End-of-Course Exam and continues to support the ADP Network.

The ADP Algebra II End-Of-Course Exam will serve three main purposes:

1. To improve curriculum and instruction. The test will help classroom teachers focus on the most important concepts and skills in Algebra II and identify areas where the curriculum needs to be strengthened.

2. To help colleges determine if students are ready to do credit-bearing work. Because the test is aligned with the ADP mathematics benchmarks, it will measure skills students need to enter and succeed in first-year, credit-bearing mathematics courses. Postsecondary institutions will be able to use the results of the test to tell high school students whether they are ready for college-level work, or if they have content and skill gaps that need to be filled before they enroll in college. This information should help high schools better prepare their students for college, and reduce the need for colleges to provide costly remediation courses.

3. To compare performance and progress among the participating states. Having agreed on the core content expectations of Algebra II, states are interested in tracking student performance over time. Achieve will issue a report each year comparing performance and progress among the participating states. This report will help state education leaders, educators, and the public assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and evaluate the impact of state strategies for improving secondary math achievement.


Test Coordinator Training for Spring 2011
Downloadable training available 24/7 for the spring 2011 administration of ADP/Algebra II exam.


Mandatory Training Schedule for Spring 2011 (pdf, 33kb)
The mandatory training schedule for test administrators, technical administrators (online testing), and proctors.


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