North Carolina End-of Grade Mathematics Tests Grades 3–8

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Effective with the 2012-13 school year, the North Carolina End-of-Grade Mathematics Tests measure the goals and objectives as specified in the North Carolina Mathematics Standard Course of Study, adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education in 2010 (Content Standards).


North Carolina Testing Program Calculator Requirements (December 2, 2014) (pdf, 128kb)


Test Specifications for End-of-Grade (EOG) Grades 3-8 Mathematics and End-of-Course (EOC)
Math I Assessments (Revised March 2015)

Test specification information for the EOG Grades 3-8 Mathematics and EOC Math I assessments aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study in Mathematics is available. Information on the prioritization of the standards, cognitive rigor, item complexity, item types, assessment delivery modes and number of items per standard is included.

Released Mathematics Forms


Test Resources


Achievement Level Information
Publications regarding Achievement Levels for the End-of-Grade Tests


Understanding the Individual Student Report Documents (UISRs)
A Web page containing all of the UISRs for the North Carolina Testing Program.


End-of-Grade Tests: Number of Items and Total Test Time (Minutes)