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Effective with the 2007-08 school year, the North Carolina End-of-Grade Reading Comprehension Tests measure the goals and objectives as specified in the 2004 North Carolina English Language Arts Standard Course of Study (Content Standards). Reading comprehension is assessed by having students read authentic selections and then answer questions directly related to the selections. Knowledge of vocabulary is assessed indirectly through application and understanding of terms within the context of selections and questions. The authentic selections selected for the reading tests are chosen to reflect reading for various purposes such as literary experience, gaining information, and performing a task.


End-of-Grade Reading Comprehnsion Tests (2004 Standard Course of Study) Update


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) End-of-Grade Reading Comprehension Tests: April 15, 2008 (pdf, 23kb)
Answers to common questions about the EOG reading comprehension tests (Edition 3)


EOG Reading Comprehension (Edition 3) Update: Revised May 7, 2008 (pdf, 17kb)
Information on the North Carolina End-of-Grade Reading Comprehension Tests (Edition 3)


Sample Test Items
Sample test items for students and teachers


Note: Sample items on the NCDPI Web site may be brailled by local school systems. If Braille creation is not possible at the local level, then specific sample item groups may be ordered by local testing staff from TOPS using the TNN Order System. Brailled sample items ordered from TOPS will not ship with answers. Note: Allow 45 days for a Braille sample item order to be filled.


Achievement Level Information
Publications regarding Achievement Levels 1-4 for the End-of-Grade Tests


Assessment Briefs
Assessment Briefs and other publications that contain information about the North Carolina End-of-Grade tests of reading comprehension


Understanding the Individual Student Report Documents (UISRs)
A Web page containing all of the UISRs for the North Carolina Testing Program.


End-of-Grade Tests: Number of Items and Total Test Time (Minutes)


Testing Security
North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics, Testing Security Protocol and Procedures for North Carolina School Personnel publication, and the Proctor's Guide


Test Development Process
Information on the test development process for state multiple-choice tests and information for potential item writers and reviewers


State Testing Results
Multiple reports providing testing results


Other Resources

  • NAEP Sample Selections and Items
    NAEP site containing over 100 multiple-choice and open-ended reading comprehension items and selections. These items are not directly aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, but they are high quality items that may be useful to educators.


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