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NEW – Online Calculator in NCTest

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, the NCTest app will have an online calculator available.

Grade 3 – 5: Four-Function Calculator
Grade 6 – 8: Scientific Calculator
High School: Graphing Calculator
The Desmos Graphing Calculator is also free in the iOS and Android app stores.

All the online calculators are free to use and are accessible for vision-impaired and blind students. For more information, visit




Achievement Level Information
Information on Achievement Levels 1-5 for North Carolina Tests


Assessment Briefs and Other Publications
Assessment Briefs and other publications for all state required tests


Administration Information

  • Testing Calendar
  • Required Tests for the North Carolina Testing Program
  • Number of Items and Administration Time for Required State Tests


Testing Security
North Carolina Testing Code of Ethics, Testing Security Protocol and Procedures for North Carolina School Personnel publication, and the Proctor's Guide


Test Development Process
Information on the test development process for state multiple-choice tests and information for potential item writers and reviewers


State Testing Results
Multiple reports providing testing results


Process for Viewing Test Materials (pdf, 21kb)
This document indicates the process to be followed for stakeholders to view secure test materials



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