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The Department of Public Instruction is developing a new accountability model to ensure that adults in schools are responsible for achieving challenging yet attainable goals for their students and that parents and the public have a clear, comparable understanding of the performance of students within North Carolina’s public schools. The goal is to institute an accountability model that improves student achievement, increases graduation rates and closes achievement gaps.

ACT One-Pager
This one-pager describes why we are giving the ACT assessment to every 11th grader and what to expect about the initial results.
(pdf, 189kb)

2012 PLAN Training for Districts and Charters
(pdf, 9.7mb)

2012 ACT PLAN training Certificate
(pdf, 56kb)

PLAN Informational Webinar (Presented on November 9 & 10, 2011) (mov, 32.1mb)


Feedback Wanted on the Proposed 2012-13 Model from Educators and the Public
Please use to send us your thoughts and feedback on the proposed new accountability model.


ESEA waiver guidance was released by the US Department of Education on September 23, 2011. North Carolina will be applying for a waiver. See the document below for more details.


Below is an archive of slides used during the Accountability discussion items with the Globally Competitive Students Committee of the North Carolina State Board of Education. Please note that these are working documents and reflect changing plans for the new accountability model over time.


2012 Presentations

2011 Presentations

2010 Presentations

2009 Presentations