CONTACT :: Sneha Shah Coltrane, Director, Division of Advanced Learning & Gifted Education

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Students in North Carolina public schools and public charter schools may receive one or more endorsements on their high school diploma. These endorsements indicate that students have completed specific course concentrations preparing them to be ready for college or careers. The five endorsements are:

  • Career Endorsement indicating completion of a rigorous course of study that includes a Career Technical Education concentration; Contact: JoAnne Honeycutt, Career and Technical Education

  • College Endorsement indicating readiness for entry into NC Community Colleges; Contact: Isaac Lake, State Consultant, Advanced Learning & Gifted Education

  • College/UNC Endorsement indicating readiness for entry into a four-year university in the University of North Carolina system; Contact: Isaac Lake, State Consultant, Advanced Learning & Gifted Education

  • NC Academic Scholars Endorsement indicating that students have completed a balanced and academically rigorous high school program preparing them for post-secondary education. Contact: Isaac Lake, State Consultant, Advanced Learning & Gifted Education

  • Global Languages Endorsement indicating proficiency in one or more languages in addition to English. Contact: Helga Fasciano, K-12 Curriculum Instruction


Click the link below to learn the requirements for earning the endorsements mentioned above.
(pdf, 127kb)


The students who qualify for a special endorsement recognition

  • will be designated by the State board of Education as having achieved an endorsement

  • will receive a seal of recognition for their diplomas

  • will have their specific endorsements listed on their official academic transcript

  • may receive special recognition at graduation exercises and other community events

  • may be considered for scholarships or employment opportunities

  • may use this special recognition in applying to post-secondary institutions.