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The Uhlman Family Seminar - NC Civic Education Consortium Workshop

Event Sponsor: Other Association or Organization

Event Type: Seminar/Workshop

Primary Category: Teachers


Event Dates: 4/11/2014 through 4/12/2014

Brief Description: April 11, 10:30 AM – 9:30 PM; UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government (includes a 2 hour evening break followed by play performance of “The Diary of Anne Frank”.)

April 12, 9:00AM – 4:30 PM; UNC-Chapel Hill Center for School Leadership Development
(Sessions from 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM and 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM are optional.
North Carolina’s K-12 teachers are invited to join the NC Civic Education Consortium ( for the 2014 Uhlman Family Seminar: Diaries & Dreams, Anne Frank & Jewish Private Life. Few documents have intrigued teachers and students as much as The Diary of Anne Frank. Her bravery in the face of oppression and her keen observations on human nature have rightly made her an iconic figure of the Holocaust, a witness providing a window into a horrific era in humankind. But Anne Frank, along with every other victim, was also an individual with a private life beyond the experience of the Holocaust. Yet, the domestic worlds that Frank and millions of Jewish families enjoyed before the war have largely been extinguished or overshadowed by their experiences in the Holocaust. This seminar will take a unique look at The Diary of Anne Frank and use it as a basis for a more comprehensive look at the lives of Jewish families and how they’ve been portrayed, as well as the disruption wrought on them by the Holocaust.

During day one of this dynamic two-day seminar, teachers will have the opportunity to participate in and receive sample lesson plans on the topics and themes covered throughout the two days, designed for easy implementation in the middle and high school classroom, as well as dialogue with one another regarding ideas, resources and best practices for teaching this complex history.

Friday evening, teachers will then travel to Raleigh for free admittance into Burning Coal Theatre’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

On day two, teachers will return to the role of students themselves as scholars present lectures on topics ranging from how family documents and diaries play a role in remembering the Shoah to how Frank coped with the hardships she faced with humor. In addition, Burning Coal Theatre will join us for a presentation regarding their process of producing the Diary as a play, which will include performances of key scenes from the production.

•1.5 Renewal Credits

•Access to historical experts
•Lesson plans and pedagogical training from the NC Civic Education Consortium ◦While lesson plans will be written with the social studies classroom in mind, language arts teachers are also welcome to attend, with the understanding that materials may need modification for use in the LA classroom.

•Admittance into “The Diary of Anne Frank” at Burning Coal Theatre
•Lunch and snacks on Friday & Saturday
•Single occupancy hotel accommodations Friday night for participants residing more than 90 round-trip miles from UNC-Chapel Hill.
◦If you live more than 375 round trip miles from UNC-Chapel Hill, a hotel may be available for Thursday evening as well. Contact for more information – please include your home address when inquiring.

Location: UNC Chapel Hill School of Government


City: Chapel Hill




Name: Paul Bonnici

E-mail Address:

Phone Number: 919.962.1544

Web Site:

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