The Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement welcomes proposals that highlight innovative practices to improve educational outcomes for students of today and tomorrow. Priority will be given to proposals that clearly connect content and objectives to proven techniques to increase student achievement, focus on best practices for 21st century educators, connect to conference strands in innovative ways, and or create/revive excitement for both student and adult learners.


The proposal submission for the 2017 Collaborative Conference on Student Achievement has been extended to January 14, 2017. January 14 is the final deadline submission date.


Proposals must be submitted online only. Exemplary proposals demonstrate clarity in content, processes and solutions. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL


The Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement features three types of learning segments:

  • Concurrent sessions are 90-minutes in length and provide the opportunity to actively engage participants in the learning of information.
  • Focus sessions are three-hours in length to allow a deeper understanding, exploration, and interaction with the session content.
  • Poster sessions are 20-minute research-focused sessions on topics relevant to education reform and student achievement followed by 20 minutes of audience questions and interaction. These presentations will be scheduled in a room with up to three research presentations during a concurrent 90-minute session. Typical poster session presenters are IHE faculty or graduate students.


  • Accountability and Assessments
  • Career and College Readiness
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Curriculum and Instruction Leadership
  • Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Disciplinary Literacy
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Education Policy and Reform
  • Educator Effectiveness
  • Educator Preparation
  • English Language Learners
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Foundations for Early Learning and Development
  • Global Education
  • Graduation Rate
  • K-3 Literacy
  • Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
  • Pedagogical Excellence
  • School Improvement Planning
  • School Transformation & Innovation
  • Social/Emotional Needs of Students
  • Student Engagement
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Teacher Leadership


50 words or less

The abstract succinctly describes your session and should be written in a manner so as to apprise participants of content and outcomes. Abstracts should be carefully reviewed prior to submission. The abstract will appear as written in the conference program.


200 words or less

This section provides reviewers an in-depth description of the proposed session content and design. The presenter should include details of the session including purpose, session format, and materials that will be used during the session. Remember, all sessions should be informative, engaging, and outcomes-based.


Presenters are asked to submit a pdf of all session materials no later than February 28, 2017. Materials not received by this date may not be posted to the conference website. Session documents will be embargoed until the week prior to the conference. We suggest presenters also prepare a limited number of hard copies for distribution during the session.

The conference PowerPoint template is available here.
(ppt, 406kb)