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Complete the following two steps to register for the CEDARS Data Warehouse and Reporting system:

Step 1: Obtain an NCID from your LEA/Charter School NCID Administrator

*** If you already have an NCID, you do not need to request another one. Please use your existing NCID account and move on to Step 2 for Reporting System registration***

Step 2: Register for Access to the CEDARS Reporting System

Registering for the CEDARS Data Warehouse (CDW)
(pdf, 454kb)

OBIEE Registration Video
(mov, 16.7mb)

OBIEE Registration Code Mapping
(pdf, 122kb)

Security Administration
(pdf, 788kb)

CEDARS Data Warehouse Security Officer Video
(mov, 8.2mb)

CEDARS Data Warehouse Security Officer Contact List
(pdf, 507kb)


Webinar PowerPoint t December 8, 2015  
(pptx, 2.3mb)