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Below are some innovative programs in North Carolina school and districts that have made local, state and national headlines. To see your program featured here, contact Drew Elliot.

JULY 2017

CODE THE DREAM IN DURHAM HELPS IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE COMMUNITIES GIVE BACK AND DIVERSIFY TECH WORLD (News and Observer) On Saturday morning, when many were beginning to unwind from the work week just ended, several dozen people were in the basement of a downtown tech hub making big plans to last beyond the weekend.

With laptops open, rapt students watched as lines of code stretched across their screens. They were gathered in the American Underground, a startup incubator, to take part in classes organized through Code the Dream, a program set up to steer people from immigrant, refugee and minority communities into computer programming jobs and tech careers.

SHAMROCK GARDENS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: A BLUEPRINT FOR EDUCATOR INNOVATION (EducationNC) Nestled in the city of Charlotte, Shamrock Gardens is one of a handful of schools across our state demonstrating how schools can achieve amazing results by prioritizing and professionalizing teaching and leading.

In fact, the BEST NC Board and Team was recently extended the privilege to visit this school so that we could better understand how educators utilize many of the core business principles that we believe are critical for empowering great educators and improving student success.