'No Child Left Inside'

Wayne Guthrie points to a set of deer tracks on the sandy beach of Jones Island and calls out to a group of young teenagers to take a look. But not one single kid pays attention. They are too busy grabbing up dibblers and plugs of salt marsh cordgrass for replenishing the soggy wet sand along the water. Guthrie, owner of Outer Banks Seafood in Beaufort, gives up on the deer tracks, picks up a dibbler and joins his twin daughters, Cassandra and Nadine, who have already started digging. This group is part of the Beaufort Middle School Envirothon Club, devoted to creating and preserving the environment at their school, in their community and beyond. On a day in April, they are hard at work restoring the wetlands on Jones Island. The club is tailor made for the N.C. Coastal Federation's educational programs. Public schools up and down the coast have been coordinating with the federation for nearly a decade to help restore shorelines, build oyster reefs and contain polluted runoff with rain gardens.