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May this idea spread like a...well, not a virus, but maybe like a good word. In Orange County a program through Lenovo offers middle- and high-school students laptops to assist them with their schoolwork. Indeed, the Internet opens all sorts of horizons and can be most valuable to students of that age, many of whom are computer literate. But what about their parents? Indeed, that's the question some parents were asking, so they enrolled in a Laptop 101 Family Academy at one middle school. There, they learned about how their students were using computers, and how they might help them govern their own use in terms of not abusing social networks. For their part, the schools allow only approved software on the laptops, and they can check to see what a student has been doing with the machine. Privacy? It's a concern, and teachers try to respect it while protecting students. What a great idea to get parents involved. Doubtless some less familiar with social media, for example, were enlightened as to this new world. Most important, in terms of their kids' travels in cyberspace, parents can have some idea how to help them chart a course and to make sure they're not putting themselves or others at risk.


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