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Over the next three years, the City of Winston-Salem will spend more than a million dollars to give high-school dropouts a second chance.The city has been awarded a $1.1 million YouthBuild grant, funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, to help 80 students earn a GED or high school diploma and possibly receive additional vocational training.Winston-Salem City Council Member James Taylor brought together community groups and educators Tuesday to introduce the grant and start a discussion about how the community can work together to address educational needs."For students to be successful, it takes a community approach," Taylor said. "What should the city's role in education be?"Taylor said he doesn't have all the answers, but something needs to be done to help students who fall through the cracks. The YouthBuild grant could be one solution, he said.The city officially accepted the grant at the end of last year and is now taking the initial steps to roll out the program. Sharon Johnson, who works in the city's Community and Business Development Department, will manage the YouthBuild program. She said they are currently hiring for three full-time positions funded by the grant. Those positions will be filled in the next month or two. Within the next three months, they'll begin recruiting program participants.