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Kimberly Jacobs says this year she has seen a real difference in her son as the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program teaches him to handle things positively. Jacobs has two sons at Orrum Middle School."I really see it in his behavior as he is getting along better with other children. He will now stop before he speaks and look for the positive," Jacobs said.Positive Behavior Intervention and Support is an initiative that the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is spearheading across the state. The initiative requires school leaders to think in a proactive vs. reactive way to behavior.Leslie Drennan, coordinator of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support, said school staff members are being trained to recognize appropriate behavior in students and call attention to it.One key component in the program is student incentives. Several elementary schools across the district have a school store where students can purchase items with school bucks that they earned for good behavior. Oxendine Elementary incentives allow students to be a teacher's assistant or sit in the teacher's chair for a period of time. Some incentives allow students to attend an ice cream celebration or class party.In the past three years, office referrals at Public Schools of Robeson County decreased by 20 percent with the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program. Those include teacher, bus driver or school staff write-ups sent to the principal. The decrease gives teachers more time to focus on instruction.