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In a world where technology advances by the day, educators must seek new resources to engage students in a 21st century learning environment. At Hamlet Middle School, one teacher is embracing the mobile app phenomenon to supplement lessons in marketing and technology — and with it, expanding the barriers of classroom education to others around the world.According to teacher Julia Roscoe, it all began with an idea."I'm always looking to include engaging new web tools or other technologies into my lessons plans," Roscoe said of her sixth, seventh and eighth grade Computer Apps classes. The classes are part of a Career and Technical Education curriculum with an emphasis on the business field.Roscoe explained that she discovered a new web tool that she felt would keep her students interested and engaged. The QR code — or Quick Response code — was first invented in 1994, when it was used mainly to track parts in vehicle manufacturing. However, as of 2012, these codes have taken over many parts of the marketing world as well."A QR code," said seventh grader Brock Bartlett, "is a series of squares that an app or a computer can recognize and read and pull something of its own. It can perform functions like opening a web page."