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Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s visit to Durham Tuesday was all about education, completing high school and working hard to succeed.Johnson told the students at the Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy at 401 N. Driver Street, “Everybody forgets I’m from the ‘hood. I’m from the neighborhood. I grew up like this. The reason I said that is I want to you know I had problems, too. But I said ‘OK, I’m going to meet them head-on.’ I had setbacks just like you. But I met them head-on.”

In partnership with the Durham Public Schools, the Magic Johnson Bridgescape Academy is offered through a strategic alliance between Magic Johnson Enterprises and EdisonLearning, a leading international educational services provider.  The program offers students a unique learning experience outside the traditional classroom setting, including online learning and one-on-one and small group instruction. The Bridgescape Academy is one of 13 around the country.

Before addressing the students, Johnson was introduced by Dairon Ebron, a Bridgescape student who has faced many challenges in his life.  “I experienced two weeks of gang investigations that were unjustified, suspensions due to actions not my own, and ongoing health issues which made a traditional academic environment very challenging for me,” Ebron said,  “I always felt prejudged, underappreciated and unmotivated by traditional school staff in a traditional school environment.”Dairon now has a new perspective on education. He is on schedule to graduate in June.


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