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School gardens engage students by providing a dynamic environment to observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn. Gardens are living laboratories where interdisciplinary lessons are drawn from real experiences.

Thanks to a Farm to School fund created by High Country Local First, teachers at Valle Crucis Elementary and Two Rivers Community School will be able to enrich gardening experiences for their classrooms.

Sarah Herman and Laura Carter at Valle Crucis Elementary are creative in teaching the common core and N.C. essential standards through a hands-on approach with their first-grade students. For example, students learn about measurement when laying out the garden and spacing plants and rows. In planting red leaf and green leaf lettuce, they learn about patterns by growing them. Science is explored through observing germination, pollination, bees, worms and birds. Soil types and qualities will be remembered after tactile experiences.

Funding for the Valle Crucis garden will allow for the purchase of a cold frame to extend the growing season, tools, seeds, seedlings, pots and soil.Two Rivers Community School garden coordinator Dani Destiche applied for funding to enrich their commitment to outdoor education and hands-on, project based, real world learning opportunities. First-, third- and sixth-grade classes focus on garden journaling, plant experiments, identifying plants and their parts and soil science. They enjoy what they harvest with events, such as potato and onion bakes and salsa parties.


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