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Competition had never been more fun. Elementary students visiting Southern Vance High School on Thursday fought to be named the top math performer in the county.

Mu Alpha Theta and Southern Vance Math Club compiled a 30-question individual exam and an eight-problem, two-part group exam for 85 elementary school students in the testing battle. The purpose of the event was to build a love for math and get students ready for end-of-grade tests, according to Southern Vance Mu Alpha Theta and Math Club advisor Jameil Floyd. “The test is tailored to the Common Core,” Floyd said.

Students from eight of the county’s elementary schools participated fielding 15 teams. Students tested quietly as 32 high school proctors monitored and guided their charges to find the answers. “It takes a lot to organize and develop a competition,” Mu Alpha Theta co-prime Stanton Fields said. This was his first time administering a math competition since being elected to lead the math club last year. “I hope they take a lot from this. It provides them the skills they need for middle school.”

After the event, teams and individual students were recognized for their performance.


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