SPK UP NC is a pilot school safety program for students that enables them to send anonymous tips about school safety concerns from an app they download on their phone, iPad, mac book, or other mobile and web based technology. The tips will be received by school administration who will appropriately respond based on the type of tip. The SPK UP NC program combines the school safety prevention, intervention and response expertise of the N.C. Center for Safer Schools (NCCFSS). See it. Tip it. Stop it.

  • What kind of tips can be submitted? The tip categories include bullying, drugs, underage drinking, fighting, weapons, and a danger category for all other types of tips. Students can submit digital photos or videos along with text information from their cell phones directly to the school administrative team.
  • What if a Student is experiencing suicidal thoughts? If a student has a suicide or mental health concern, they can engage the bar that reads Suicide Lifeline and then hit the call button. Those calls will go outside the phone app, and be answered by a trained mental health professional.
  • Who can SPK UP NC help? SPK UP NC gives an anonymous voice to those who submit tips, and an assurance that their voices will be heard. SPK UP NC can also be downloaded by parents, teachers, or others concerned about school safety. See it. Tip it. Stop it.
  • The SPK UP NC app is available for download in 5 pilot counties from the Android Marketplace and on iTunes, and is compatible with iPhone 3 and up.

Why it exists

Over 160,000 school children miss school each day in the United States out of fear. Being able to report their fears is paramount in reducing these absences. Over 90 percent of students say they would use an anonymous reporting tool if they had one available. This is also important because over 80 percent of school shooters tell someone before they act. An anonymous reporting tool has the potential to prevent violent actions on school campuses. SPK UP NC is a tangible anonymous application for smart phones that has been developed with the needs of North Carolina’s school children in mind.

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Pilot project, and counties participating; intention to roll-out statewide over the coming year

In 2013, one of the first activities of the N.C. Center for Safer Schools (CFSS) was to tour the state and hold community forums at several schools. These forums included meeting with students, teachers, administrators and law enforcement followed by an open community meeting. One of the concerns that arose from these meetings was that students needed a truly anonymous, standardized method to report their concerns to school administrators, school resource officers (SROs), and teachers. The CFSS heard this call for help and began developing a plan to find and implement an anonymous reporting application for students that could also be available for their parents and teachers. SPK UP NC is a tangible anonymous application for smartphones that has been developed with the needs of North Carolina's school children in mind.

In an effort to ensure the long-term viability of SPK UP NC, the NCCFSS determined it would be best to work with a few school districts of varying populations to pilot the project and work out any issues with training, marketing, and the application before offering it statewide. Collaboration with the school districts of Avery County, Forsyth County, Johnston County, Macon County and Wayne County has been ongoing to develop this product specifically for the students of North Carolina.

These pilot areas went live with the app beginning in early winter 2015-16, with the CFSS evaluating the first few months' usage of the application by students and responses by school personnel and SROs, along with other information that would prove important in providing the application statewide.

Pilot County Resource Section

  • Bookmark
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  • Instalación de la aplicación y preguntas y respuestas
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  • Centro para Escuelas Seguras de Carolina del Norte
    (pdf, 203kb)
  • Preguntas y respuestas sobre SPK UP NC
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  • Use this link to send an anonymous tip to school administrators and school resource officers.

Link to Apple and Android stores

  • For Android

The SPK UP NC app is available for download in pilot counties from the Android Marketplace, making it easier than ever to install to your phone.

From your mobile phone, follow this link to download.

  • For iPhone

For iPhone, the SPK UP NC app is compatible with iPhone 3 and up. From your mobile phone, follow this link to get the most recent update.

Link to SPK UP NC Web Page (Functions optimally in Chrome)