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January 2014 - The State Board of Education granted final approval to 26 charter applications at its regularly-scheduled January meeting. These charter schools will be opening to serve students in August 2014:
A.C.E Academy, Anderson Creek Club Charter School, Bradford Preparatory School, Cardinal Charter, Carolina STEM Academy, Charlotte Charter High, Charlotte Learning Academy, Concrete Roses STEM Academy, Dynamic Community Charter, Entrepreneur High School, Envision Science Academy, Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy, Invest Collegiate (Buncombe), KIPP Halifax College Preparatory, Pioneer Springs Community School, Providence Charter High, Reaching All Minds Academy, South Brunswick Charter School, The Capitol Encore Academy, The Franklin School of Innovation, Thunderbird Preparatory School, United Community School, Wake Forest Charter Academy, Wayne Preparatory, West Charlotte Charter High School, Wilson Preparatory.
One charter - The Expedition School - was granted final approval in 2013 with a deferment to open in August 2014.

September 2013 - The State Board of Education has granted preliminary approval to the following 26 charter applicants. These schools are slated to open in the 2014-15 school year:

  1. A.C.E. Academy
  2. Anderson Creek Club Charter School
  3. Bradford Preparatory School
  4. Cardinal Charter Academy
  5. Carolina STEM Academy
  6. Charlotte Charter High School (name change to Commonwealth High School)
  7. Charlotte Learning Academy
  8. Concrete Roses STEM Academy
  9. Dynamic Community Charter School
  10. Entrepreneur High School
  11. Envision Science Academy
  12. Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy
  13. Invest Collegiate-Buncombe
  14. KIPP Halifax College Preparatory
  15. Pioneer Springs Community School
  16. Providence Charter High School
  17. Reaching All Minds Academy
  18. South Brunswick Charter School
  19. The Capital Encore Academy
  20. The Franklin School of Innovation
  21. Thunderbird Preparatory Academy
  22. United Community School
  23. Wake Forest Charter Academy
  24. Wayne Preparatory Academy
  25. Wilson Preparatory Academy
  26. West Charlotte Charter High School (name change to Stewart Creek High School)

July 2013 - The North Carolina Public Charter Schools Advisory Council has recommended 26 charter applicants (shown in bold in the table below) to the State Board for discussion at the August meeting and State Board final action at the September meeting.

A.C.E. Academy
Narrative (pdf, 279kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 296kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 67kb)
Filmore Academy Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 234kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 264kb)
Queen City STEM School
Narrative (pdf, 1.3mb)
Appendices (pdf, 20.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 250kb)
Academy of Excellence Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 195kb)
Appendices (pdf, 724kb)
Rubric (pdf, 238kb)
Flora Macdonald Academy
Narrative (pdf, 230kb)
Appendices (pdf, 43.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 264kb)
Queen's Grant High School
Narrative (pdf, 25.2mb)
Appendices (pdf, 68.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 328kb)
Addie C. Morris Children's School
Narrative (pdf, 197kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 255kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 503kb)
Frontier Academy
Narrative (pdf, 196kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 248kb)
Reaching All Minds Academy
Narrative (pdf, 241kb)
Appendices (pdf, 11.0mb)
Rubric (pdf, 262kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 61kb)
Anderson Creek Club Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 1.3mb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 335kb)
Gate City Community
Narrative (pdf, 748kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.1mb)
Rubric (pdf, 333kb)
Robert J. Brown Leadership Academy
Narrative (pdf, 181kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 221kb)
Antonio Academy Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 830kb)
Appendices (pdf, 26.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 249kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 61kb)
Global Innovative STEAM Academy
Narrative (pdf, 240kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 268kb)
South Brunswick Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 235kb)
Appendices (pdf, 51.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 266kb)
Revised Impact Statement (pdf, 122kb)
Response to LEA (pdf, 329kb)
Appalachian Heritage Academy
Narrative (pdf, 2.5mb)
Appendices (pdf, 22.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 254kb)
Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy
Narrative (pdf, 283kb)
Appendices (pdf, 6.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 286kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 70kb)
Success First Scholars Academy
Narrative (pdf, 287kb)
Appendices (pdf, 20.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 291kb)
Ballancrest Elementary
Narrative (pdf, 252kb)
Appendices (pdf, 6.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 281kb)
Invest Collegiate (Buncombe)
Narrative (pdf, 217kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 262kb)
The A. Michael Dixon School of Leadership and Arts
Narrative (pdf, 216kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 243kb)
Bradford Preparatory School
Narrative (pdf, 1.3mb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.8mb)
Rubric (pdf, 257kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 67kb)
Invest Collegiate (Iredell)
Narrative (pdf, 199kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.4mb)
The Capitol Encore Academy
Narrative (pdf, 251kb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.1mb)
Rubric (pdf, 271kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 19kb)
Bryan School
Narrative (pdf, 179kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 247kb)
James K. Polk Public School
Narrative (pdf, 202kb)
Appendices (pdf, 370kb)
Rubric (pdf, 248kb)
The Expedition School
Narrative (pdf, 273kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.7mb)
Cardinal Charter Academy
Narrative (pdf, 2.0mb)
Appendices (pdf, 7.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 252kb)
James Madison Academy
Narrative (pdf, 206kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 248kb)
The Franklin School of Innovation
Narrative (pdf, 3.6mb)
Appendices (pdf, 46.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 248kb)
CARE Leadership Academy
Narrative (pdf, 201kb)
Appendices (pdf, 208kb)
Rubric (pdf, 242kb)
KIPP Halifax College Preparatory
Narrative (pdf, 259kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 263kb)
The Platinum School
Narrative (pdf, 179kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 233kb)
Carolina STEM Academy
Narrative (pdf, 3.7mb)
Appendices (pdf, 13.8mb)
Rubric (pdf, 252kb)
Lake Norman Preparatory Academy
Narrative (pdf, 1.0mb)
Appendices (pdf, 7.4mb)
Rubric (pdf, 251kb)
Thunderbird Preparatory Academy
Narrative (pdf, 2.0mb)
Appendices (pdf, 17.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 253kb)
Catawba Valley Charter Academy
Narrative (pdf, 811kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 258kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 57kb)
Lakehaven Academy
Narrative (pdf, 214kb)
Appendices (pdf, 7.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 246kb)
Torrence-Lytle Charter School of Leadership and the Arts
Narrative (pdf, 276kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.8mb)
Rubric (pdf, 259kb)
Central Arts Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 205kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 247kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 57kb)
Matthews-Mint Hill Charter Academy
Narrative (pdf, 271kb)
Appendices (pdf, 11.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 277kb)
Tri-County Public Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 1.1mb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.8mb)
Rubric (pdf, 254kb)
Charlotte Charter High School
Narrative (pdf, 3.2mb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 252kb)
Miracle Academy - East
Narrative (pdf, 42.1mb)
Appendices (pdf, 73.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 255kb)
Union Preparatory Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 998kb)
Appendices (pdf, 7.1mb)
Rubric (pdf, 253kb)
Charlotte Learning Academy
Narrative (pdf, 292kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 305kb)
Miracle Academy - West
Narrative (pdf, 42.0mb)
Appendices (pdf, 103.1mb)
United Community School
Narrative (pdf, 270kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 285kb)
Concrete Roses STEM Academy
Narrative (pdf, 207kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 259kb)
New Bern International Academy
Narrative (pdf, 240kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 251kb)
University Public Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 261kb)
Appendices (pdf, 63.4mb)
Rubric (pdf, 281kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 67kb)
Davidson Charter Academy
Narrative (pdf, 195kb)
Appendices (pdf, 6.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 253kb)
New Hope Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 207kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.0mb)
Rubric (pdf, 249kb)
Waddell Elementary International Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 2.1mb)
Rubric (pdf, 246kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 177kb)
Destination Leadership Academy
Narrative (pdf, 200kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 253kb)
North Carolina Connections Academy
Narrative (pdf, 14.6mb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 347kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 57kb)
Wake Forest Charter Academy
Narrative (pdf, 293kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.1mb)
Rubric (pdf, 302kb)
Dynamic Community Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 1.4mb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 252kb)
Pinnacle Charter School
Narrative (pdf, 205kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 246kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 61kb)
Wayne Preparatory Academy
Narrative (pdf, 2.1mb)
Appendices (pdf, 23.0mb)
Rubric (pdf, 250kb)
Entrepreneur High School
Narrative (pdf, 234kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 270kb)
Pioneer Springs Community School
Narrative (pdf, 234kb)
Appendices (pdf, 26.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 259kb)
West Charlotte Charter High School
Narrative (pdf, 3.4mb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.7mb)
Rubric (pdf, 249kb)
Envision Science Academy
Narrative (pdf, 4.0mb)
Appendices (pdf, 33.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 247kb)
Prep 360 Academy
Narrative (pdf, 1.9mb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.2mb)
Rubric (pdf, 383kb)
Wilson Preparatory Academy
Narrative (pdf, 945kb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 333kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 464kb)
Excelsior Classical Academy
Narrative (pdf, 267kb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.6mb)
Rubric (pdf, 286kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 61kb)
Providence Charter High School
Narrative (pdf, 3.6mb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.3mb)
Rubric (pdf, 341kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 268kb)
Wisdom Academy
Narrative (pdf, 283kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.5mb)
Rubric (pdf, 294kb)
    Youngsville Academy
Narrative (pdf, 120.1mb)
Appendices (pdf, 199.9mb)
Rubric (pdf, 254kb)

On March 1, 2013, the NC Office of Charter Schools received 70 charter applications for consideration to open a charter school in August 2014. You can find some basic information about those applicants on the Excel spreadsheet.
(xls, 42kb)

156 Letters of Intent to open a charter school were submitted to the Office of Charter Schools ahead of the 12:00 noon deadline on January 4, 2013. Charter School listing of potential names and locations of these proposed schools.
(xls, 160kb)   UPDATED 1/11/13