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NCDPI Receives 40 Applications to Open Charters in 2016
Spreadsheet (xls, 43kb)
Press Release (pdf, 32kb)

Application Process Data

The approved applications are scheduled to open in 2016-2017. Charter schools which were approved to open are in bold.

A. Michael Dixon School of Leadership & Arts
with Rubric (pdf, 377kb)
Gateway Charter Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 373kb)
Peak Charter Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 349kb)
Academy of Excellence
(pdf, 187kb)
Heritage Charter School
(pdf, 212kb)
Piedmont Preparatory Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 315kb)
Appendices (pdf, 6.5mb)
Addie C. Morris Children's School
with Rubric (pdf, 341kb)
Kaleidoscope Art and Technology Center
with Rubric (pdf, 353kb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.2mb)
Pine Springs Preparatory Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 5.2mb)
Asheville Math & Science Academy
(pdf, 228kb)
Kannapolis Charter Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 352kb)
Progressive Charter School
(pdf, 246kb)
Cape Fear Preparatory Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 320kb)
Lake Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 277kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.4mb)
Queen's Grant High School
with Rubric (pdf, 291kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.6mb)
Capital City Charter High School
with Rubric (pdf, 324kb)
Appendices (pdf, 17.1mb)
Leadership Academy for Young Women
with Rubric (pdf, 268kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.8mb)
Ridgeview Charter School
with Rubric (pdf, 315kb)
Cardinal Charter Academy of Knightdale
with Rubric (pdf, 346kb)
Legacy Academy of Charlotte
with Rubric (pdf, 366kb)
Thomas Bass Leadership Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 274kb)
Appendices (pdf, 7.7mb)
Central Wake Charter High School
with Rubric (pdf, 324kb)
Appendices (pdf, 18.5mb)
Lionheart Charter Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 313kb)
Town Center Charter High School
with Rubric (pdf, 324kb)
Appendices (pdf, 18.0mb)
Charlotte Classical School
with Rubric (pdf, 283kb)
Mallard Creek STEM Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 454kb)
Union Day School
with Rubric (pdf, 274kb)
Appendices (pdf, 7.1mb)
Community Academy Charter Public School
(pdf, 189kb)
Matthews-Mint Hill Charter Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 477kb)
Union Preparatory Academy at Indian Trail
with Rubric (pdf, 347kb)
Extraordinary Leaders Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 293kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.0mb)
Mooresville Charter Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 353kb)
Unity Classical Charter School
with Rubric (pdf, 301kb)
FernLeaf Community Charter School
with Rubric (pdf, 344kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.7mb)
Next Generation Academy
(pdf, 196kb)
Young Inspiration Charter School
(pdf, 157kb)
Forsyth Preparatory Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 320kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.6mb)
Northeast Academy of Aerospace
with Rubric (pdf, 273kb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.3mb)
Fortis Academy
with Rubric (pdf, 320kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.7mb)
North Carolina Connections Academy
(pdf, 362kb)
Rubric (pdf, 424kb)
Francis Classical School
with Rubric (pdf, 337kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.3mb)
North Carolina Virtual Academy
(pdf, 415kb)
Rubric (pdf, 484kb)