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2016 Application Submissions and Press Release
(xls, 42kb)  LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Applications Progress Chart
(pdf, 286kb)   LAST UPDATED: AUGUST 11, 2016


Acorn to Oak
(pdf, 242kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.5mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 325kb)
Forsyth Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 253kb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.8mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 295kb)
Ridgeview Charter School
(pdf, 240kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.9mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 315kb)
Addie C Morris Children's School, Inc
(pdf, 278kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.4mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 341kb)
Francis Classical School - Withdrew
(pdf, 266kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.8mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 301kb)
Robert J. Brown Leadership Academy
(pdf, 274kb)
Appendices (pdf, 8.5mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 449kb)
Aurora Prep
(pdf, 211kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.5mb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 33kb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 933kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 291kb)
Johnston Charter Academy
(pdf, 303kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.2mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 489kb)
Rolesville Charter Academy
(pdf, 303kb)
Appendices (pdf, 4.7mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 345kb)
Bonnie Cone Classical Academy
(pdf, 222kb)
Appendices (pdf, 2.9mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 292kb)
Kaleidoscope Charter High School
(pdf, 197kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.2mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 237kb)
Russell Lee Jones Charter School
(pdf, 212kb)
Appendices (pdf, 21.1mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 382kb)
Discovery Charter School
(pdf, 218kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.6mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 282kb)
Lake Academy - Withdrew
(pdf, 232kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.2mb)
Town Center Charter High School - Withdrew
(pdf, 279kb)
Appendices (pdf, 21.2mb)
Emereau: Bladen
(pdf, 208kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.5mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 248kb)
Montcross Charter Academy
(pdf, 274kb)
Appendices (pdf, 10.4mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 437kb)
Twin City High School
(pdf, 278kb)
Appendices (pdf, 21.0mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 309kb)
Emereau: Halifax
(pdf, 205kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.7mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 247kb)
Movement School
(pdf, 222kb)
Appendices (pdf, 46.1mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 280kb)
Union Leadership Academy
(pdf, 235kb)
Appendices (pdf, 9.4mb)
Impact Statement (pdf, 15kb)
New EMO Due Diligence Report (pdf, 273kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 275kb)
Emereau: Johnston
(pdf, 204kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.7mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 244kb)
Next Generation Academy
(pdf, 188kb)
Appendices (pdf, 6.6mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 271kb)
UpROAR Leadership Academy
(pdf, 210kb)
Appendices (pdf, 5.1mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 251kb)
Emereau: Nash
(pdf, 204kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.7mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 245kb)
Paul L Dunbar Charter School
(pdf, 218kb)
Appendices (pdf, 17.9mb)
New EMO Due Diligence Report (pdf, 239kb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 312kb)
Young Inspiration Charter School - Withdrew
(pdf, 149kb)
Appendices (pdf, 1.8mb)
Emereau: Wake
(pdf, 208kb)
Appendices (pdf, 3.7mb)
Final Rubric (pdf, 248kb)