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What are the primary functions of each school’s board of directors?Each public charter school is governed by the board of directors of the non-profit organization that holds the charter. The board governs through its adopted policies and clear evaluative metrics. Its primary duties are to ensure that:
•  The academic programs are successful
•  The school's operational programs comply with all terms of its charter
•  The school is compliant in all statutory and regulatory requirements
•  The school is financially solvent
•  Competent, professional staff are hired to carry out the operational plan
At every meeting, the board should discuss the financial stability, academic standing, and any compliance situations to ensure it is making adequate progress towards renewal.
NC General Assembly G.S.115C-218.15.Charter school operation
What is the major distinction between school leadership and the board of directors for the school?School leadership is responsible for leading and developing plans that drive the school's performance and execute the mission of the school. The school leadership should routinely answer how will questions. The board of directors are responsible for making sure that the school performs through clear evaluative measures. It ensures that the mission of the school is achieved. The board of directors should routinely ask how well questions.NC Education Governance Moodle

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