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What are the primary functions of each school’s board of directors?Each public charter school is governed by the board of directors of the non-profit organization that holds the charter. The board governs through its adopted policies and clear evaluative metrics. Its primary duties are to ensure that:
•  The academic programs are successful
•  The school's operational programs comply with all terms of its charter
•  The school is compliant in all statutory and regulatory requirements
•  The school is financially solvent
•  Competent, professional staff are hired to carry out the operational plan
At every meeting, the board should discuss the financial stability, academic standing, and any compliance situations to ensure it is making adequate progress towards renewal.
NC General Assembly G.S.115C-218.15.Charter school operation
What important financial documents should be reviewed at each regular board meeting?•  The balance sheet (demonstrates current net worth of the organization; assets, liabilities and equity)
•  Cash flow statement (demonstrates all transactions for a period; what comes in and goes out)
•  Income and expense statement (makes a miniature budget for the particular period)
•  The budget versus the actual report (demonstrates whether the school is meeting goals, making a profit, etc.)
What happens if my school is noncompliant with financial and governance regulations?Please review the State Board of Education Policy for Charter Schools on Financial and Governance Noncompliance (TCS-U-006). This policy provides actions (or inactions) that result in a school being deemed non compliant. It also describes the sanctions associated with violation levels. Lastly, it provides the process used by the State Board of Education should a vote need to be taken to revoke a school's charter.State Board Policy CHTR-006
What are the minimum academic performance standards to prevent revocation of my charter?According to Policy, The State Board of Education shall revoke the charter of any charter school when, for two of three consecutive school years, the charter school does not meet or exceed expected growth and has a performance composite below 60%. Language was added into the charter statue August 2011 that gives the State Board authority to terminate schools that fall below this standard.State Board Policy CHTR-010
What is the major distinction between school leadership and the board of directors for the school?School leadership is responsible for leading and developing plans that drive the school's performance and execute the mission of the school. The school leadership should routinely answer how will questions. The board of directors are responsible for making sure that the school performs through clear evaluative measures. It ensures that the mission of the school is achieved. The board of directors should routinely ask how well questions.NC Education Governance Moodle
What are four things the board should evaluate every year?Each year, the charter school board should evaluate:
•  its goals in the approved charter application
•  its progress toward charter agreement renewal
•  the performance of the school leader
•  the performance of the board
NC Education Governance Moodle
What are some helpful reminders for the strategic planning process?•  Follow a clear process for plan development. Identify your top 3-5 priorities.
•  Clarify a purpose for having a strategic plan. Determine the crucial tasks the team must interdependently tackle and communicate and recruit key stakeholder to create and implement those tasks.
•  Identify the leadership for the creation and the leadership for the implementation of the plan. Remember that the plan is only as good as its execution.
•  Include fidelity measures when planning strategies to ensure measurement of the execution process. These measures should include: specific targets, planned checkpoints, concrete data indicators and milestones to ensure all stakeholders receive feedback needed to determine how well improvement strategies are working.
NC Education Governance Moodle
Are charter schools required to have liability insurance?According to the law, the board of directors of a charter school may sue and be sued. The board of directors shall obtain at least the amount of and type of insurance required by the rules of the State Board of Education. Those rules are located in section 13 of the charter agreement (Insurance and Bonding).NC General Assembly G.S. 155C-218.20 Civil liability and insurance requirements
State Board Policy TCS-U-004
What are some suggestions for recruiting new board members?A good charter school board is crucial to the school's success. A key characteristic of a good board is diversity in the areas of expertise/professional skills contributed by each board member. A sample questionnaire and interview questions are available here.•Board Sample Questionnaire
(docx, 0kb)
Is it necessary for new board members to go through a formal orientation process?Yes. While it is not required, it is a great practice to follow. This will enable the new board member to become acclimated to the board more quickly. The quicker this happens, the better able the new board member will be to make contributions for the good of the board and the school. The Office of Charter Schools recommends that boards adopt a formal orientation process and use it each time a new board member joins. Part of this orientation process should include having the new member read the application and Charter Agreement before joining the board.NC Education Governance Moodle

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