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Who are the current members of the Charter Schools Advisory Board?A list of the Advisory Board members can be found here in the resources.Charter School Advisory Board Members
What are the powers and duties of the Charter Schools Advisory Board?According to the law, the duties of the Charter Schools Advisory Board are as follows:
•  Make recommendations to the State Board of Education (SBE) on the adoption of rules regarding all aspects of charter school operation, including time lines, standards, and criteria for acceptance and approval of applications, monitoring of charter schools, and grounds for revocation of charters;
•  Review applications and make recommendations to the SBE for final approval of charter applications;
•  Make recommendations to the SBE on actions regarding a charter school, including renewals or charters, and revocations of charters;
•  Undertake any other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the SBE.
NC General Assembly G.S. 115C-218 Purpose of charter schools and establishment of NC Charter Schools Advisory Board

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