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How can I find out about employment at a charter school?Each board of directors at each charter school makes employment decisions. Inquire directly to the school in which you are interested in applying for employment. Take time to read their mission and educational programming to ensure that you have the prerequisite skills to work at that particular school.Charter Schools
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Are criminal history checks required at charter schools?Yes. The charter school is required, by law, to do criminal background checks in a fashion similar to that of the district in which the charter school is located. The policy shall be applied uniformly as a requirement for all applicants before an unconditional job offer is made. An applicant may be employed conditionally while the charter school board of directors check the person's criminal history and make a decision based on the results.NC General Assembly G.S. 115C-332
Are charter school employees' state employees?No. Charter school employees are employed by and contracted with the charter school's board of directors, and therefore, not considered state employees.

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