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What do I do if I have an issue with a charter school staff member or school administrator?First, talk to your child's teacher and/or school administration. Schedule an appointment so that you have sufficient time to talk with the teacher or school administrator. Each school must have a grievance process, so if the issue remains unresolved, inquire about the grievance process and follow it as outlined in the policy. Copies of the grievance policy are typically located in the parent handbook, school's website, or in the school's main office. Ultimately, the charter school board is responsible for all aspects of the school's operations, including resolution of disputes or concerns brought forth by parents. The decision of the nonprofit board, much like that of an elected school district board, is final.Charter Schools
Complaint Form
•How to file a Charter School Complaint
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My child's former charter school has closed. How do I receive a copy of his or her transcript?All student records, including transcripts, should have been returned to the local education agency in which the charter school was located or to the school district in which the student resided. Please make a request directly to that school system.Closed Schools
Complaint Form
Where can I find a list of all the charter schools to report a concern?There is a list of charter schools located on the School's charter school tab provided here.Charter Schools
Complaint Form

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