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  • Authority of Management Company
    (pdf, 289kb)

  • Corrected Capital Outlay Funding for Charters
    (pdf, 153kb)

  • Private Capital Facilities Finance Act
    (pdf, 98kb)

  • Supplemental Tax Funds
    (pdf, 194kb)

  • Teacher Licensure as Public Record
    (pdf, 61kb)

  • Charter School Loans and Terms
    (pdf, 167kb)

  • County Authority to Expend Public Funds for Repair of Charter Buildings
    (pdf, 102kb)

  • Lease Facilities from sectarian orginizations
    (pdf, 277kb)

  • Leaves of Absence for Principals Leaving School Systems to Charters
    (pdf, 248kb)

  • Non-profit contracting with a for profit managment company
    (pdf, 91kb)

  • Operation of Charter School for Fewer than 180 Days
    (pdf, 48kb)

  • Public Access to Teacher Licensure Status
    (pdf, 214kb)

  • State Employees Retirement System (Part 1)
    (pdf, 627kb)

  • State Employees Retirement System (Part 2)
    (pdf, 128kb)

  • State Health Plan
    (pdf, 127kb)

  • Student Lottery conducted after charter granted
    (pdf, 259kb)

  • Teaching Fellows Program
    (pdf, 80kb)

  • Transportation for Charter Students
    (pdf, 169kb)