The NC Charter School Performance consists of the Performance Framework, NC Report Cards, Legislation, State Board Policy, and Charter School Teacher of the Year. These topics provide a specific aspect of how performance is measured in NC.


The performance framework focuses on Goal 2.4 of the North Carolina State Board's Strategic Plan to "Increase the number of charter schools meeting academic, operational, and financial goals." In 2014-15, DPI's Office of Charter Schools (OCS) created the Annual Performance Framework to serve as the standard mechanism for reporting on progress toward achievement of these goals. The Framework provides a consolidated view of each charter school's performance relative to a list of academic, operational, and financial requirements. The academic elements of the Framework are all standard indicators provided by the State accountability system. The operational and financial elements of the Framework are all required by statute, State Board policy, or the Charter Agreement.


The Office of Charter Schools (OCS) must collect various documents annually from each charter school in order to review the school's operational compliance status and assemble the Operational Framework report for the school.


The NC School Report Cards offer a snapshot of some of the important information about individual schools. The School and District Report Cards are divided into five areas: the School/District Profile; School Performance; School Indicators; School Environment; and Personnel.


Legislation and State Board Policy provides statutes and policies for charter schools. These links provide clarity and guidance for specific ways charter schools are to operate in NC.


The Charter Schools Teacher of the Year exemplifies performance of teachers who are dedicated and highly skilled, proven candidates capable of inspiring students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn.