The renewal of a charter school to continue operating in NC requires many steps in a two-year process. The process consists of a self-study, OCS school renewal visit, interviews, and Charter School Advisory Board review before recommendations are made to the State Board of Education. This section will provide you with the necessary information that renewing schools may want to consider when renewing their charter.


Per NC General Statute 115C-218.5(d) and 115C-218.6, the State Board of Education (SBE) may grant the initial charter for a period not to exceed 10 years. The State Board of Education shall renew a charter upon the request of the chartering entity for subsequent periods of 10 years, unless one of the following applies:

  1. The charter school has not provided financially sound audits for the immediately preceding three years.
  2. The charter school's student academic outcomes for the immediately preceding three years have not been comparable to the academic outcomes of the local school administrative unit in which the charter is located.
  3. The charter school is not, at the time of the request for renewal of the charter, substantially in compliance with state law, federal law, the school's own bylaws or the provisions set forth in its charter granted by the State Board of Education.

If you intend to seek renewal, you must notify the NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) of your request and be prepared to pay the renewal fee of $500, and complete a charter renewal self-study, as described under the renewal process.


Consistent with SBE policy TCS-U-007, the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Office of Charter Schools will provide the State Board of Education (SBE) with an NC Charter Schools Renewal Report (NCCSRR) that is designed to contain all of the information the SBE will need to evaluate the status of charter schools. The NCCSRR will reference data and reports from various NCDPI sections that may have information pertinent to the evaluation of schools.


Renewal Process


Charter School Advisory Board Renewal Rubric

Renewal Statute

Renewal Policy


640 - Nash-Rocky Mount 64A Rocky Mount Preparatory
320 - Durham 32D Kestrel Heights School
920 - Wake 92M PreEminent Charter
650 - New Hanover 65B Wilmington Prep Academy
360 - Gaston 36C Mountain Island Charter School
810 - Rutherford 81B Lake Lure Classical
910 - Vance 91B Henderson Collegiate
320 - Durham 32R Excelsior Classical Academy
320 - Durham 32S KIPP Durham College Prep
350 - Franklin 35B Youngsville Academy
410 - Guilford 41K Piedmont Classical High School
440 - Haywood 44A Shining Rock Classical Academy: CFA
600 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg 61M Charlotte Lab School
600 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg 61N Queen City STEM School
600 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg 61P VERITAS Community School, CFA
700 - Elizabeth City / Pasquotank 70A Northeast Academy of Aero Tech
740 - Pitt 74C Winterville Charter Academy
920 - Wake 93J PAVE Southeast Raleigh Charter School
740 - Pitt 74B Ignite Innovation Academy


010 - Alamance-Burlington 01D The Hawbridge School
320 - Durham 32M Global Scholars Academy
130 - Cabarrus 13D Kannapolis Charter Academy
410 - Guilford 41L Gate City Charter
450 - Henderson 45B FernLeaf Community Charter
490 - Iredell-Statesville 49G Iredell Charter Academy
600 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg 61Q Mallard Creek STEM
600 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg 61R Matthews Charter Academy
650 - New Hanover 65G Girls Leadership Academy
900 - Union 90B Union Day School
900 - Union 90C Union Prep at Indian Trail
920 - Wake 93L Central Wake Charter High School
600 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg 61S Unity Classical Charter School
650 - New Hanover 65F Coastal Preparatory Academy
920 - Wake 93M Peak Charter Academy
920 - Wake 93N Pine Springs Preparatory Academy