Renewal Process

Consistent with SBE policy CHTR 007, the NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) will provide the SBE with a NC Charter Schools Renewal Report (NCCSRR) that is designed to contain all of the information the SBE will need to evaluate the status of your school. The NCCSRR will reference data and reports from various NCDPI divisions: OCS, Financial and Business Services, Accountability, Exceptional Children, Federal Program Monitoring, Child Nutrition, and/or any other division that may have information pertinent to the evaluation of your school. Also part of this report will be information from the charter renewal self-study that your board and school leader will complete. The self-study contains questions related to how you have fulfilled the school's mission, and education program, including the school goals.

The charter renewal fee of $500 is due no later than December 30th of that year.

If you have any questions about the Renewal process, please contact Shawnda Cooper at


Renewal Site Visit

As part of your renewal process, Office of Charter School Personnel will be making a site visit to the renewing school, to review the school's progress toward meeting its charter's mission. In these discussions, we may cover any of the following: The current status of the school's educational programs, state testing results, student accountability, exceptional children's services, governance structure, financial plan, and teacher licensure. During the Administration/Board session, it will also be used to discuss any areas of non-compliance. This session will also provide an explanation of the next steps in the renewal process for the school.

In order to get a more complete picture of the school, the Office of Charter Schools will meet with three separate groups. The groups are as follows:

  • Administrative/Board Committee: This needs to be composed of the school's leadership personnel and at least one board member, preferably the board chair. (3-6 individuals)
  • Staff Committee: This should be composed of at least four instructional staff members, who do not have students enrolled in the school. It is preferable that they represent fairly new members to the staff and also some veteran teachers. We would also like representation from content area subjects as well as elective teachers. (4-6 individuals)
  • Parent Committee: This group should be composed of representative parents of current students of the school in terms of grade levels and demographics. Please also include the parents of new students as well as the parents of students who have been with the school for a while. Do not include in this group parents who are also staff members at the school. However, you may include the parent of one graduate, if you choose. (4-8 individuals)


Charter School Renewal process is a two-year process. This timeline will provide you with the process expectations for renewing your charter school.

Renewal Project Timeline
(pdf, 198kb)