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September 2012 - The State Board of Education has granted preliminary approval to the following 25 charter applicants. These schools are slated to open in the 2013-14 school year:

Aristotle Preparatory Academy, Cabarrus Charter School, Cameron Creek Charter, Charlotte Choice Charter, Douglass Academy, Falls Lake Academy, Flemington Academy, Howard & Lillian Lee Scholars, Invest Collegiate, Island Montessori Charter, Langtree Charter Academy, Longleaf School of the Arts, Oxford Preparatory High School, Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy, Pinnacle Classical Academy, Southeastern Academy, STEM Education for a Global Society Academy (SEGS), StudentFirst Academy, Summerfield Charter Academy, The Expedition School, The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders, The North Carolina Leadership Academy, Uwharrie Charter Academy, Willow Oak Montessori, and Z.E.C.A School of Arts and Technology.

July 2012 - The North Carolina Public Charter Schools Advisory Council has recommended 25 charter applicants (shown in bold in the table below) to the State Board for discussion at the August meeting and State Board final action at the September meeting.

June 2012 - The applications below that have rubrics have reached the next stage of the process and have been invited back by the Public Charter School Advisory Council for an interview. These interviews, in no way, guarantee the applicant group will receive a charter.

Addie Morris Children's School
( pdf, 2.0mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 86kb)
High Point Academy
( pdf, 1.9mb )
Southeastern Academy
( pdf, 4.4mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 79kb)
Aileen Price Institute of Learning #1
( pdf, 4.5mb )
Howard & Lillian Lee Scholars
( pdf, 2.1mb)
Rubric ( pdf, 79kb)
Springs Academy
( pdf, 4.5mb )
Aileen Price Institute of Learning #2
( pdf, 4.8mb )
Invest Collegiate
( pdf, 1.9mb)
Rubric ( pdf, 80kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 427kb)
STEM Education for a Global Society
( pdf, 3.9mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 84kb)
Anderson Creek Club Charter
( pdf, 45.4mb )
Island Montessori Charter
( pdf, 999kb)
Rubric ( pdf, 77kb)
StudentFirst Academy
( pdf, 10.6mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 85kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 427kb)

Aristotle Preparatory Academy
( pdf, 597kb )
Rubric ( pdf, 81kb )
Impact Statement ( pdf, 427kb)

Jefferson Preparatory School
( pdf, 1.4mb)
Rubric ( pdf, 79kb)
Successful Start Academy
( pdf, 20.3mb )
Cabarrus Charter Academy
( pdf, 3.0mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 84kb)
Langtree Charter Academy
( pdf, 3.0mb)
Rubric ( pdf, 86kb)
Summerfield Charter Academy
( pdf, 2.4mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 79kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 154kb)
Cameron Creek Charter
( pdf, 3.2mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 80kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 427kb)
Leadership Learning Academy
( pdf, 5.0mb)
The Achievement School
( pdf, 5.7mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 91kb)
Charlotte Choice Charter
( pdf, 3.5mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 81kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 427kb)
Lindley Learning Academy
( pdf, 5.7mb )
The Capitol Encore Academy
( pdf, 13.5mb )
Charlotte Day Academy Charter
( pdf, 3.2mb )
Longleaf School of the Arts
( pdf, 2.8mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 84kb)
The Expedition School
( pdf, 2.7mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 75kb)
Chatham International School of the Arts
( pdf, 120kb )
Minds Engaged Academy
( pdf, 5.8mb )
The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders
( pdf, 671kb )
Rubric ( pdf, 81kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 379kb)
Destination Leadership
( pdf, 3.5mb )
New Bern International Academy
( pdf, 824kb )
The Montessori Academy of Cornelius
( pdf, 480kb )
Douglass Academy
( pdf, 14.0mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 81kb)
New Hope Charter
( pdf, 1.8mb )
Thunderbird Preparatory Academy
( pdf, 1.2mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 78kb)
Dreams to Reality Academy Charter
( pdf, 1.1mb )
North Carolina Leadership Academy
( pdf, 4.2mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 80kb)
Impact Statement ( pdf, 154kb)
Uwharrie Charter Academy
( pdf, 2.5mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 77kb)
Eliada Academy
( pdf, 11.1mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 83kb)
Our Neighborhood Charter
( pdf, 4.8mb )
Vance County Learning Center
( pdf, 4.8mb )
Entrepreneur High School
( pdf, 3.0mb )
Oxford Preparatory High
( pdf, 4.5mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 80kb)
Waddell Elementary International
( pdf, 8.8mb )
Falls Lake Academy
( pdf, 4.4mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 80kb)
Parents and Their Children Academy
( pdf, 6.6mb )
Willow Oak Montessori
( pdf, 13.8mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 76kb)
Farmville Charter Academy
( pdf, 26.1mb )
Paul Brown Leadership Academy
( pdf, 2.9mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 81kb)
Wilson Preparatory Academy
( pdf, 7.5mb )
Flemington Academy Charter
( pdf, 11.2mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 87kb)
Piedmont IT Academy
( pdf, 16.1mb )
Winston-Salem Middle College
( pdf, 962kb )
Fort Bragg High School
( pdf, 11.7mb )
Pinnacle Classical Academy
( pdf, 29.3mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 75kb)
Winterville Academy
( pdf, 108kb )
Greensboro Progressive Charter
( pdf, 11.7mb )
Reaching All Minds Academy
( pdf, 7.3mb )
Wisdom Charter
( pdf, 24.9mb )
Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy
( pdf, 7.5mb )
Robert J. Brown Leadership Academy
( pdf, 2.8mb )
ZECA School of Arts and Technology
( pdf, 1.4mb )
Rubric ( pdf, 83kb)


Online 2013-2014 Charter School Application:

Applicants may use the following link to complete the full charter school application: Charter School Online Application

Applicants using the online application are also required to:

  • Provide one (1) one-sided original signed hard copy to the Office of Charter Schools no later than 12 noon on April 13, 2012. This copy must contain the same information as the online application.
  • Provide confirmation to the Office of Charter Schools that within seven (7) days the applicant has provided one full copy of the application to the LEA in which the proposed charter school will be located.

To learn how to navigate through the online application, please view the following resource:

  • Screen Shots Tutorial with additional directions
    ( pdf, 1.3mb )


Regular Charter Applications:

Charter applications are due no later than 12 noon on April, 13, 2012. An entire and complete package must be submitted ahead of the 12pm deadline. If the application is not complete, it will not be considered by the Public Charter School Advisory Council.

Applicants must submit one (1) single-sided and signed original. In addition, six (6) complete double-sided copies and one (1) electronic version (i.e. flash drive) must be included as part of a complete application package.

2012 Application Questions: If you have questions regarding the 2012 application process, please contact the Office of Charter Schools via email at


State Board Approved 2012-13 Fast Track Applications:

Bear Grass Charter, Cornerstone Charter Academy, Corvian Community School, The College Preparatory and Leadership Academy of High Point, North East Carolina Prep, Research Triangle High, The Howard and Lillian Lee School, Triangle Math and Science, and Water's Edge Village School

Bear Grass Charter
(pdf, 1.29mb)
Leadership Learning Academy
(pdf, 1.83mb)
Southeastern Academy
(pdf, 3.92mb)
Charlotte Learning Academy
(pdf, 2.24mb)
McKinney Academy
(pdf, 1.33mb)
The Howard and Lillian Lee School
(pdf, 2.78mb)
Cornerstone Charter Academy
(pdf, 7.91mb)
Mendenhall Country Day
(pdf, 2.96mb)
The Montessori Academy
(pdf, 977kb)
Corvian Community School
(pdf, 4.52mb)
New Bern International
(pdf, 1.49mb)
Thunderbird Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 1.75mb)
D.C. Virgo Urban Prep Academy
(pdf, 7.13mb)
North East Carolina Prep
(pdf, 2.83mb)
Triangle Math and Science
(pdf, 46.35mb)
(pdf, 458kb)
Piedmont IT Academy
(pdf, 12.24mb)
Tri-County Academy of STEM
(pdf, 66.34mb)
Global Leadership
(pdf, 1.29mb)
Pinnacle Classical Academy
(pdf, 461kb)
Uwharrie Green School
(pdf, 1.67mb)
The College Preparatory and Leadership
Academy of High Point

(formerly High Point College Prep)
(pdf, 1.24mb)
Quality Education Academy
(pdf, 2.30mb)
Water's Edge Village School
(pdf, 10.07mb)
Jefferson Preparatory
(pdf, 1.83mb)
Research Triangle High
(pdf, 3.75mb)
Wisdom Academy
(pdf, 7.74mb)