What is a charter school?
Charter schools provide parents a choice in the education of their children - and it is a public choice. Public tax dollars are the primary funding sources for charter schools. Local, state, and federal dollars follow the child to a charter school. The schools have open enrollment with no discrimination, no religious associations, and no tuition.

The Office of Charter Schools, through our experience of receiving various phone calls and emails, has compiled a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The Office of Charter Schools divided these FAQs into audience – specific documents to help with swifter identification for interested parties. Select the following that best meets your needs:

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Board Members
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Do charter schools serve students with disabilities?
Yes. Since charter schools are public schools, they must provide special education and related services to all eligible students. For futher information please read the following documentation.
Right to Attend
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What are the requirements for acceptance into a charter school?
The only requirement to get into a charter school is the availability at the school in the requested grade.
Additional Guidance
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