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The LEA Council has worked with organizations such as SERVE, NCAE and several school districts to develop a guidebook and a template to assist districts with the School Improvement Planning process. The guidebook offers legal guidance, guiding principles and a recommended planning process. The template is aligned with both the guiding principles and the recommended process. The LEA Council will continue to work with external stakeholders on future releases, incorporating their feedback and suggestions.

School Improvement Planning Implementation Guide
The Guide offers a one-stop-shop for guidance on conducting school improvement planning. Sections include a legal overview, best-practices-based guiding principles, and a step-by-step process for planning. Several appendices are provided to offer additional details in areas where school improvement teams may wish for more information. The Guide is 25 pages long and is written in an easy-to-read, easy-to-reference "information mapping" format. The appendices add about 35 additional pages. We hope district and school leaders find this useful and keep it close by for use as a handy reference.
(pdf, 476kb)  LAST UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

School Improvement Planning Template
The Template is provided in Microsoft Excel format. It is fully aligned with the guiding principles in the Implementation Guide. School improvement teams can use this document to walk through the process step-by-step, entering information directly into the pages of the Template. Each tab can be printed and compiled as desired to build a hard-copy school improvement plan. An on-line version of the Template currently is under development and will be available at a future date.
(xls, 347kb)  LAST UPDATED: OCTOBER 8, 2013

Feedback on the Model
As mentioned in the Implementation Guide, the LEA Council is interested in your feedback on the guide, the process, and the template. Please send your feedback as noted in the opening section of the Guide. We will use the feedback regularly to improve these tools.