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Local Education Agencies (LEAs) use the Local Planning System (LPS) for strategic planning, managing performance, and being accountable for CTE at local, state, and federal levels. The LPS has transformed from being a mechanism for approval and release of state and federal CTE funds to one for strategic planning, improving performance, and assuring accountability. Local plans must outline strategies for continuous improvement of results of their students on performance indicators. These results are reported for each LEA overall, by subgroups and academic disadvantage, by program areas and career clusters, and by College Tech Prep. Administrators in each LEA must develop strategies to address improvement of performance by each reported category.

Anyone can log into the system to view each LEA's strategic plan and performance results using a username of guest and a password of guest.


The CTE Data Analysis and Reporting System is a dynamic system for analyzing and reporting on enrollment and performance data at the local and state levels. The system allows users to validate information and to generate reports on enrollment and student achievement. Reports can be customized by users and downloaded for import into spreadsheet software.


The CTE Concentrator Feedback Survey is an online survey system that allows students who have completed CTE programs to provide feedback on their experiences and to record their current employment and educational status. This feedback is used to analyze how well CTE is meeting the needs of students. This information is used in strategic planning and to meet federal reporting requirements.