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Apprenticeship is for students who have:

  • A defined career pathway
  • Explored a career by participating in work-based learning programs such as job shadowing and internships
  • Enrolled in related courses (if available at the school)
  • Decided to enter the workforce full-time or part-time
  • Aptitudes, interests, and work styles matching their career
  • Experience in related fields (volunteerism or employment)
  • Made a three- (or more)- year commitment to completing the apprenticeship

Internship is for students who:

  • Have a restricted timeframe for work experience
  • Are exploring career options
  • May not have enrolled in related courses


Apprenticeship is for employers who have:

  • Permanent positions available when skilled labor is unavailable
  • Future expansion plans
  • Employees needing retraining or skill/technology upgrades
  • Difficulty achieving diversity goals

Internship is for employers who:

  • Have project-based opportunities for career exposure
  • Lack dedicated employment positions upon completion of training
  • Work is contract-based or flows in cycles
  • Can not provide training in all aspects of a specified career
Business/Industry Field Trip
Cooperative Education
Entrepreneurial Experiences
Job Shadowing
School-Based Enterprise
Service Learning