Internships and the work component of Cooperative Education should occur away from the student's school.

School-based work experiences are a great way to learn about work. This might include lab techs, office assistants, media assistants, etc. However, one essential aspect of the work-based learning experience is to place the student in a real-work setting. The NC State Board of Education (Board Policy CCRE-001) states that internships and cooperative education experiences should occur at a location other than the student's school in order to receive course credit.

LEAs and schools should determine if it is appropriate for students to:

  • Work with a professional who works out of his/her home.
  • Work for their own family business or for a family member.

Entrepreneurial experiences, school-based enterprises, and similar forms of work-based learning often occur at the school. Care must be taken to conduct these work-based learning experiences in a business-like environment different from the typical classroom environment.