What do employers expect of a work-based learning student?

The role and responsibility of the student includes the following

  • Maintain a good attendance record (on time, every day), not only at school but also on the job.
  • Complete and sign appropriate forms.
  • Obtain a work permit when appropriate.
  • Complete all requirements of the training plan.
  • Participate in the career and technical student organization.
  • Maintain up-to-date wage and hour reports.
  • Cooperate with teacher coordinator in securing an appropriate on-the-job placement.
  • Conform to the rules and regulations of training station.
  • Notify the teacher coordinator and employer if unable to work, according to school guidelines and the policies of the training station.
  • Dress appropriately; conduct self in a businesslike manner; be prompt, courteous, and groomed according to the training supervisor's requirements.
  • Have transportation to and from the training station.
  • Participate in employer recognition activities.

21st century skills that are required in the workplace

  • Good Communication Skills. Good communication skills are the single most important factor in workplace success after having an understanding of one's job.
  • Good Attitude. A good attitude about one's job and motivation to take initiative on important issues and ideas are key to being successful in any job.
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving skills. People who can recognize and define problems, come up with new approaches and solutions, and put them into action help a company stay competitive.
  • The ability to learn. With technology changing so rapidly, more than ever employers are searching for employees who can acquire, process, and apply new information.
  • Strong reading, writing, and math skills. Companies are increasingly demanding that their new employees have these basic skills.