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These roles and responsibilities apply to internships, cooperative education, and possibly other forms of work-based learning.

Qualifications of the Teacher Coordinator

The teacher coordinator is a certified educator on staff at the student's school who regularly communicates with the student to check on progress and helps emphasize the connections between what is learned in the classroom with what is learned at the work site.

Expectations of the Teacher Coordinator

The teacher coordinator will do the following:

  • Help students find appropriate training stations based on their career objective.
  • Orient new training supervisors and business mentors.
  • Review and complete training agreement and training plan with each student, training supervisor, and parent.
  • Observe students at work
  • Hold conferences with students, employers, and parents.
  • Ensure that the training supervisor provides consistent, effective guidance and supervision in accordance with the student's training plan.
  • Use appropriate evaluation instruments to measure student achievement of competencies on the job.
  • Resolve any problems that arise between the student and the training supervisor.
  • Arrange for needed adjustment of any misplaced students.
  • Follow all policies and laws relating to work-based learning.


Coordination Record
This is a form that may be required by your school or LEA to document coordination activities. Instructors should update the record on a daily basis as necessary and submit it on a monthly basis. The coordination record should correspond with the Contact Record.
(doc, 39kb)

Coordinator Sign-out Sheet
The Coordinator Sign-out Sheet provides notification and documentation of a coordinator-related absence from the school site. Instructors should use the sheet if the school does not currently have a staff sign-out process. The sheet should be completed each time the coordinator leaves the school for coordination-related reasons.
(doc, 42kb)

Mileage Report - Use Your Local LEA Mileage Form
Mileage Reports are used to request reimbursement of mileage accumulated in the performance of coordination activities. Coordinators should obtain a copy of the local LEA mileage form, obtain required signatures prior to submitting and submit it based on LEA deadlines.

Tips to remember when filing a mileage report:

  1. Use trip odometer to track mileage.
  2. Have form handy in car to record mileage daily.
  3. Many schools require a MapQuest printout for each part of the trip rather than relying on odometer reading.