The lessons contained in the Teacher Handbook were developed for teachers by teachers. You may access lesson plans by grade span and individual plans within each span. This database of lesson plans may be added to as further plans are developed. Those interested in contributing lesson plans to the Teacher Handbook should contact Christie Lynch Howell, Arts Education Consultant, NCDPI, at 919.807.3856 or

The lesson plans developed are organized in the following format: Title; Grade Level or Course; Time Allotment; Targeted Goals and Objectives from the 2000 North Carolina Arts Education Standard Course of Study and Grade Level Competencies, K-12; Targeted concepts or skills from other Content Areas; Alignment with the NC High School Exit Exam; Lesson Objective(s); Materials/Equipment Needed; Lesson Procedure; Assessment; and Special Considerations.

The lesson plans are not designed to be used as a step-by-step "cookie cutter" approach to implementing the SCS, but rather as a starting point to help teachers see how particular goals and objectives from the SCS may be implemented in the classroom. Perhaps a teacher reading through one of the lesson plans may use the plan as a place to begin with when mapping his/her course of study for students. Lessons should be modified to meet the individual learning needs of students within the classroom.


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