The English Language Development Standard Course of Study (ELD SCS) describes what limited English proficient students should know and be able to do at each level of proficiency along the K-12 continuum. It will assist teachers of English Language Learners in planning lessons and strategies which will target the language learning needs of individual students to ensure that they progress toward full English language proficiency. The SCS will also assist all teachers in modifying instruction in the content areas to match the English language proficiency levels of their students

ELL Support Conference

Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld

July 26-28, 2016

The 3rd annual EL Support Conference will offer 9 different 3-day training events. Participants will choose one (1) event to attend for the full 3 days of training. The conference will include an opening session with Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld who will explore collaboration between content and ESL teachers.

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Session Descriptions
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